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>Worried About Al-Qaida Getting A Nuke?


1 11:46 AM
By Martin Gould
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U.S. authorities believe al-Qaida already has nuclear capacity and is
 ready to use it, new WikiLeaks documents detailing prisoner
interrogations in Guantanamo Bay have revealed.

And during questioning, 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh
Mohammed threatened the terror group would unleash a
 “nuclear hellstorm,” Britain’s Daily Telegraph reveals.

WikiLeaks,Guantanamo Bay,al-Qaida,terrorist,nuclear,Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

The Telegraph has reviewed the
papers obtained by the WikiLeaks website.

The newspaper promises more
revelations throughout the week.

The newspaper says “A senior
al-Qaida commander claimed that the terrorist group has
hidden a nuclear bomb somewhere in Europe which will
be detonated if Osama bin Laden is ever caught or assassinated.

The U.S. authorities uncovered numerous attempts by al-Qaida
to obtain nuclear materials and fear that terrorists have already
bought uranium. The story comes from Newsmax. 
You can read the entire story by going to Newsmax:

Read more on WikiLeaks: Al-Qaida 
Already Has Nuclear Capacity
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