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>Will North Korea Keep Its Agreements This Time?

North Korean nuclear talks lead to agreement

BEIJING – In an Associated Press story by Henry Sanderson we learn that negotiators from six nations agreed Saturday on steps to verify North Korea’s nuclear disarmament, opening the final phase in tortuous efforts to rid the North of nuclear weapons.

Let’s blog this one in the comments below. Will North Korea, finally, live up to its word? Many believe it won’t.

The agreement was reached after three days of talks. It requires North Korea to finish disabling its main nuclear facility by the end of October.

That will be the clincher. I’m wondering if we will see live video of that event, just like we saw pictures of the implosion of the water tower gismo that was supposed to have been integral to the dismantling process. I’m also wondering if what we’ll see is an old facility blown up while the real nuclear facility lies concealed behind some trees somewhere.

Who were the six nations? Well, of course China and the U.S., South Korea, Japan and probably Great Britain–did I miss one–maybe Russia–took part in agreements where North Korea was promised deliveries of fuel oil and other economic aid. I think we need James Bond back to go over there and discover what the smart diplomats failed to discover. He could go by sea in his underwater car. That way they would never detect him when he pulled onto the beach. He’s the only one capable of verifying anything.

The envoys agreed to a robust verification team of experts who will visit North Korean nuclear facilities, review its documents and interview its technical experts. Ah, verification…that’s the key, isn’t it. These scientists won’t find anything. They’ll be flown in there, sleep at the best hotels–not the kind that fall down with a seismic wave of 5.5. They’ll take pictures of something, wag their heads, agree, and fly home to announce all is well in North Korea, the little brother of a very duplicitous China, when it isn’t.

The last time we thought we had it done, we went along for several months, a year, then North Korea threw out everyone once they had their bread and butter and blasted a missile over Japan, just to flex their muscles and scare the Niponese a little.

It will be September before the entire “agreement” is on paper. Some specifics of the verification remained to be worked out. That merely means the Chinese version of L’Empire will figure out how they can further deceive the world. Yes, I said China because North Korea takes orders from Beijing. Experts and diplomats from the six nations hoped to agree on those steps by early September, said U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill.

Last time participating ministers didn’t see any obstacles and that’s what they are saying again. The only obstacle is the hubris and avarice of one bad man, Korean leader Kim Il-sung who takes his cues from another bad man, Chinese leader Hu Jintao. Kim loves to kill two things once he has what he wants: international deals and people.