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>Don White Warns Of Career Politicians Like McCollum

> Michael Reagan could be wrong. For some crazy reason in this country, we seem to subscribe to the “band wagon” mentality when it comes to choosing who should represent us. Frankly, despite the negativity from Newsmax and your endorsers, I’m still endorsing Rick Scott because I believe he is a conservative. I think all of the others are old style Republicans. If the Tea Party members wanted business as usual, they could have saved the energy and stayed home. But, no, they came out in droves because they wanted to “take our country back.” 

   I’m a former Democrat who 45 years ago thought I had seen the light and became a Republican. But what has become very evident is that it doesn’t matter which party you belong to, Democrat or Republican, you’ll get greed and a desire for power from both. For example, the good people of Utah defeated Republican Bob Bennett in the primaries primarily because he took over a hundred million dollars in earmarks last year, but also because he was for more of the same in Washington – high taxes, horrific out-of-control spending, and power. 
Being in Congress gets in their bones. Because their fathers were in Congress they yearn for the same long-term job. The late Wallace Bennett of Utah and I went the rounds near my garden behind my home on the wisdom or lack thereof of giving away the Panama Canal during the Carter Administration. Wallace said it was necessary, we couldn’t do anything else. Horse manure, I said. There’s always another way. His son is just like him. Bob is a businessman who left his business to go to Congress and his business fell apart. He’s better off staying home in Utah.
   He is much like Bill Macollum in that way. Bill has spent many years in Congress. His whole life has been in “public service.” 
   One of the things Tea Parties want is term limits. For people to come to Washington for a short time and go home, resuming their lives in their former businesses or professions. We don’t need the politicians who want long tenure. Remember: Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Absolute power comes after a congressman like Barney Frank has been in D.C. too long. They start making deals on everything because they have no set of principles to live by. Romney would be a good candidate except that he’s built of the some of the same cloth as Frank in that respect. He’s a deal maker. A compromiser. He doesn’t know how to say no. Newt is just the same. 
I’m a Mormon and from what I’ve seen, a Romney could be bad for America. It’s all compared to what else is available out there. Ron Paul is not afraid to say NO. So far he’s my man, though he lacks charisma and is not a good orator. I think those two latter characteristics describe the slick politicians like Obama, Kennedy, and Woodrow Wilson, the latter being the worst president in my opinion this country has ever had with Obama coming in a close second along with FDR. The problem with us Republicans is that we judge who should be our candidate by their speaking ability, ability to think on their feet and debate, etc. We shouldn’t. We should determine it by the candidate’s honesty and his desire to do the right thing for the public. You mark my words. Republicans love glitz and Ron Paul has none, though he would be a far better president than Romney. Just as Cal Coolidge became a far better president than men with much more so-called charisma of that era.
In order to stop the juggernaut running our country we need honest people going to Congress who can say NO and mean it. Who aren’t afraid of making a negative impression to the establishment because they’ve vowed to be citizen lawmakers and go back home after two terms. Who want to break down the establishment. By that I mean he/she must be willing to filibuster to stop the wasteful spending and to bring our budgets under control – and, hopefully, start chipping away at the Obama mania, Health Care, Cap and Trade, bailouts, socialism, free-wheeling czars who report to no one, and spending (including the exorbitantly expensive trips he and his wife take for their own pleasure or to campaign on our dime).
Where are the true conservatives? They aren’t in your paid stable. 
Don White

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Subject: Reagan Ad Warns About Rick Scott
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Date: Thursday, August 19, 2010, 10:08 AM
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Michael Reagan Ad Warns About Rick Scott
Michael Reagan, the elder son of the late President Ronald Reagan, not only endorses Bill McCollum in his race against Rick Scott for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Florida but also has a hard-hitting TV ad warning about Scott.
In the ad sponsored by the League of Florida Voters, a state-wide election committee, Reagan declares that as a congressman McCollum stood side by side with his father in Washington, and warns voters about the healthcare company Rick Scott once ran and its fraudulent practices.
Reagan, a radio host, frequent Fox News guest and best-selling author, starts the ad: “On August 24, Florida Republicans will make an important choice. Now I rarely make endorsements, but one candidate in this race represents the legacy of my father, Ronald Reagan, and that’s Bill McCollum. [See the Reagan Ad — Go Here Now]
“Bill McCollum came to Washington during the Reagan revolution, where Bill stood side by side with my father. Together they slashed taxes, cut spending, and made our economy strong again. As Florida’s attorney general he’s leading the legal fight to stop Obamacare.”
Then, Reagan opens up on Rick Scott and warns Republican voters that the businessman can’t be trusted as the GOP’s standard-bearer this November.
“Then there’s Rick Scott, whose company engaged in the biggest Medicare fraud in history, ripping off taxpayers and then paying a $1.7 billion fine.
“My father always told me it’s character that counts. And Bill McCollum is a proven conservative and a man of real character who represents the values we stand for.
Reagan concludes: “Bill stood with my father then, and I’m standing with him now.”
In addition to Reagan, McCollum has won the endorsement of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, tea party favorite Dick Armey, Steve Forbes, Dick Morris, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, among others. John Stemberger, who heads the largest pro-family group in Florida, has also backed McCollum.
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