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>Big Young Writers Sessions In NY


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Registration is open for Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers!

This popular week-long conference offers 20 hours of classroom critique, 
afternoon classes on craft, and plenary sessions by New York editors and and an agent.

This year’s award-winning faculty includes:

Sharlee Glenn  (Beginning Writer class)
Trudy Harris (Picture Book class)
Kristyn Crow (Picture Book class)
Kevin Hawkes (Illustration class)
Mike Knudson (Chapter Book class)
Claudia Mills (Middle Grade Novel class)
Emily Wing Smith  (Beginning Young Adult Novel class)
Louise Plummer (Young Adult Novel class)
Holly Black (Fantasy Novel class)
Kathleen Duey (Advanced Novel class)
Martine Leavitt (Advanced Novel class)
A.E. Cannon (Boot Camp class)

Our amazing  editors are:
Alyson Heller, Aladdin Books
Lisa Yoskowitz, Disney

Our talented agent is Mary Kole from Andrea Brown Literary Agency

This year’s keynote is by New York Times Bestseller Ally Condie, author of 

Where: The Waterford School, Sandy UT
When: June 13-17, 2011

For more information, and to register, go to
For questions, email us at:

Please forward this email to your writing and illustrating friends.