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>The Gulf Oil Spill Was A Year Ago

>By Don White
Today, April 20th, 2011, marks the one year anniversary of the BP Oil Company’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Business is back to normal–has been for several months. The problem is that Obama is using this to refuse to allow oil drilling in the Gulf. He will argue that he isn’t stopping anyone from drilling, but the whole truth is that despite having licenses, people are no longer starting new drilling because as soon as they do they know they’ll be sued by some environmental kook who belongs to Obama’s Green Movement.

   Oil from off-shore drilling is down 13 percent and gas prices are up 33 percent and headed for $5.00 per gallon in some cities like Chicago;  and the average U.S. cost of gasoline will be $4.00 next week. It’s already five dollars a gallon in Hawaii.
What does Heritage Foundation say?

The gas price headlines aren’t looking so good for Americans. Honolulu is a penny away from record gas prices. Chicago gas nears $5 a gallon. Nationally, $4 a gallon average gasmay be only be a month away. There’s something that President Obama could do to help solve the problem but, instead, he’s spending his time laying blame.
In a speech today in suburban Virginia, he said there’s plenty of supply to meet the world’s demand for oil, placing the blame for the high prices on speculators:
The problem is … speculators and people make various bets, and they say, you know what, we think that maybe there’s a 20 percent chance that something might happen in the Middle East that might disrupt oil supply, so we’re going to bet that oil is going to go up real high. And that spikes up prices significantly.

   The problem is that rising gas prices set everything else out of kilter. If you have been reading news from the American Inflation Association (AIG) you should be aware that we are headed for hyper-inflation in food and other commodities. We’ve been warning people for months and months about the coming uber-inflation. If you bought ground beaf at the corner grocery store you saw the price spiked up eleven percent since the first of the year.
Milk is up eight percent and corn? Corn is up 100 percent due to the fact we are running our cars on corn-made ethanol. If we can’t feed our people–and the world–blame ethanol proponents.
   Don’t be fooled. Get your one-year supply of food on your shelves, a year’s supply of cash, and whatever else you will need until prices come back down. And that may be a long time from now because Obama refuses to act like he cares. Like an ordinary president. Remember Bush and Reagan? Well, I’ve got news for you. he isn’t either one of these men. Obama doesn’t have an economic mind because he drives around in a limo and doesn’t pay for gas and oil.
   The next crisis after this one will be our money won’t be worth anything because an inept Ben Bernanke is playing games with our monetary system. Where’s Ron Paul on impeaching this financial quack?
   The real question is where is the president in all of this? Simple. He’s running around speaking before so-called tea party gatherings running for re-election, ignoring the problems of insufficient gas and oil. Both you and I are used to an administration that stayed home, worked on critical problems like these until solutions were found.
   Obama? He’s ignoring the entire problem, telling SUV owners that there is no solution to our gas price hike, so go out and buy a more efficient car. Meanwhile he’s allowing Brazil and Venezuela to drill off our coasts. Even the Chinese are drilling off Cuba, so we know there’s oil to be drilled. We just have an antagonistic president and the man should be defeated next year or impeached this year.
   Obama? Isn’t he the president who, following his close-down of oil drilling in the Gulf, visited Brazil and handed them a $2 Billion check and permission to drill in the Gulf of Mexico? Isn’t he the communist-leaning farce who likes to jive it up with Hugo Chavez and Hu Jin Tao, the dictator in China? Yes, he’s the world’s president, but he’s not doing good things for America. We elected him in 2008, but we can un-elect him next year.

   He’s an interesting political animal. He promises everything, but he can’t remember what he said in his last speech because he just reads his speeches. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.
   We all know Obama is really a communist sympathizer. That he’s probably a Muslim sympathizer, too, because he ignores Christians who are getting beat up by Muslims in Cairo, Egypt as we speak while he says he is Christian — but we all know that’s just a sound bite for the cameras.Isn’t he the man who caused the Eghyptian uprising, necessitating Murbarak to leave? Yes. And now the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over. Just what that country didn’t need.
   He even had the gall to say today in an Easter speech that Easter was special because it reminded us of Jesus.He doesn’t believe in the Savior, never did. but he’s running for president again and will say anything to get re-elected. He didn’t use the Savior’s name, but said “there is something special about the atonement” that we feel on Easter.

Wow! And he expects to be re-elected? Get the word out. He isn’t worth another four years. There won’t be an America if he’s here for four more years, and somehow I don’t think he even cares. Or is this part of his master plan–to take down America and enroll all of us in George Soros’ new World Order?
Don White