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>Send Obama Away From The Table


Obama’s Dangerous “Eating Problem.”
Don’t Let it Gobble You Up…

Dear Concerned American,

Mike HuckabeePresident Obama keeps lecturing about our “obesity epidemic.” But he’s the one who can’t stop eating!

No, not food. It’s worse! Obama is devouring the entire free-enterprise system.

In his first 100 days as president, Obama gobbled up two major automakers, wolfed down nearly 600 banks, gorged on blue-chip companies, and scarfed down the U.S. credit industry. Now he wants dessert. President “Obama the Hungry” makes King Henry VIII look like a compulsive dieter!

I know something about overeating. It can kill you. Back when I was governor of Arkansas, I was so overweight I developed Type II diabetes. Doctors told me to lay down the knife and fork — or else. That scared me. I cut the calories and lost 110 pounds. Only then did I regain my health.

Does bloat scare Obama? Heck no. He’s hungry for more! Fresh from gulping down $800 billion of our money to load up his Washington smorgasbord, he’s planning yet another massive banquet. Obama wants to belly up to the table and swallow the best health care system in the world. And you and I will pay the tab for this gargantuan pig-out!