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>So This Is How We Get From Capitalism to Communism?


[Geithner and Obama]

  • Obama Limits Executive Pay

    The president unveiled a series of pay curbs, including a strict $500,000 pay limit for top executives of companies that receive “exceptional assistance.”

    The above is a WSJ news story indicating Obama’s disgust with business leaders running their own companies. He once said, “This is not the time for corporate leaders to take big bonuses and salaries. Oh? Why should he be able to dictate the time, the place, salaries and bonuses. I always thought that was the purview of boards of directors, not presidents.

    So now he is intent on dictating workplace compensation – and CEO pay and benefits? That’s what it is coming down to. He has seen an opening and is taking it. As his chief of staff once said about the financial meltdown: This presents us with a great opportunity to do something. That something is to make government bigger and to grab power that belongs to the people.

    Let there be no doubt, there is no little angst in America about business leaders making millions in wages and bonuses while American taxpayers bail out their companies that they have either run into the ground or, due to the bad economy, are caretakers of at an unfortunate time.

    But let’s not become entirely crazy and trample every vestige of freedom we have, displacing presidential edict for the U.S. Constitution. Government has no right to dictate to private businesses what they can pay their leader, any more than who they hire, what products they make and how they spend their profits.

    Learn the definition of socialism, Mr. President, as opposed to fascism?

    Socialism is where government owns the means of production — in other words, the businesses. That’s where England is. Their economy is also in shambles, and they are on the verge of becoming a bankrupt nation. But I’ve got news, with Obama at the helm, America may not be far behind.

    Fascism means private people own the means of production and a dictator comes along and dictates to the owners. This was the case with Hitler Germany before and during World War Two

    President Obama saw an opening and he is taking it, quickly becoming America’s first fascist president. In other words, he’s nothing but a dictator.

    I hope every patriot left in America sees the truth about this and will rise up in word and legal action.

    • Write and call your congressman and attempt to stop this wholesale destruction of our Constitution. If you agree, comment below. If you disagree, all the better. I would like to have a public debate about this issue. Read the first part of the WSJ story, then return to debate this.