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Obama’s Leadership In Six



We need grassroots in Florida NOW!

As you may know, some fiscally minded voters in Florida think Obama is moderate. The history does not support that Obama is anywhere near moderate and in fact, his campaign has gone to great efforts to hide is extreme social positions. This type of voter needs to hear the facts from US TODAY as we are the only source of truth they will hear from on this matter:

Obama’s membership in Democratic Socialists of America’s New Party and strong associations with ACORN are proof of his goals for America. Much of his history has been scrubbed from public servers, but this information (and much much more) has resurfaced this October in Google’s history archives. Moderate voters deserve to know more about Obama’s true ideology which includes extreme social change, larger government, higher taxes and decreased military spending during a time when national security needs to remain a priority. See this proof that the Obama campaign has lied about Obama true ideology and has gone to great efforts to hide:

See the following blog where I thank TruthMeister for his comments which we’ve printed on Political Disconnect this morning of the elections and distinguish between the Obama brand of “charity” and true charity and Christian giving. It’s hard to believe he has sold himself to America’s youth as a religious man. He knows nothing about Christian religion.
Don White