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>Israel And Jordan Feel Obama Has Betrayed Them

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Chatter from Israel, Gaza and Egypt:

           “War is Coming”

Egypt was in the grip of revolutionary violence. The longstanding regime of Hosni Mubarak is over, but what next?
The consequences will be far-reaching. Egypt has the largest population and has the strongest military in the Arab world. If a revolutionary Jihadist regime takes power in Egypt, then Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates will not survive. That’s the opinion of many, including Kathleen Gose who posted this report (Don White brought it up to date).
Is the oil-rich Persian Gulf ready to fall into the hands of radicals? If so, they are likely to use oil as a weapon against Europe, Japan and America. Following the pattern of other revolutionary regimes, the radicals will realign their respective countries with Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela.
 Sometimes it is more important to listen than to speak. Hear the words from the streets from Israel, Gaza and Egypt. Israel thinks “War is coming.”
   The latest update from our source in Israel:
 We have people listening on the streets in Nazareth, He’vron, and other Palestinian occupied areas. The chatter going on is; “Arabs are boasting Obama has provided money to Fatah and Hamas in order to fund the current insurrections. The Fatah/Hamas factions promised to hold off on Jihad within the US in exchange. The Obama regime in doing so is quite
stupid. We know that they always promise, get what they want and attack any way. This is called “Hood’nah” in the Islamic culture.
   The people doing the chattering are PA officials and security force members.The US embassy is located in Tel Aviv instead of our capital. Yirushaliem. Governor Michael Huckabee has promised to move the embassy to Yirushaliem once an actual President is elected in the US.
   The Muslim Brotherhood was included in private meetings with the US, Fatah, and Hamas according to the chatter.
The Obama regime pretends this was a complete surprise. (17th of September 2008 – Present) Yasser Reda Ali Abdullah Said the Egyptian Ambassador to Israel has been meeting frequently with the Prime Minister and his staff and is furious that Obama agreed to a time line to remove Mubarak.
   Egypt and all Islamic nations know that Obama has made this deal with the Muslim Brotherhood, Fatah, and Hamas. This is why Obama keeps pushing for a fast transition.
   The Jordanians are now complaining that Obama has done to them, the same thing he has done to the Jews, betrayal.  The face of the Middle East is changing dangerously. War is coming.
   My Egyptian counterpart last week was furious. He almost screamed “Damn Obama To A Thousand Hells” It was pointed out by my counterpart that whoever controls Egypt, Yemen, Oman & Tunisia will control the water ways to oil.
   Abdullah Abdullah is a veteran Palestinian politician affiliated with the Fatah organization stated publicly while smiling; “We have nothing to lose by cooperating with the Obama administration.”
   ”This president Obama is very different from Bush. He has carefully studied the problems facing the United States and reached the conclusion [that]resolving the Palestinian problem is an important prerequisite for checking the ongoing deterioration in the global US standing.”
   ”I don’t think that we ought to keep exhausting our national efforts playing public relations games with Israel. Instead, we ought to find a real salvation strategy that would eventually lead to the liberation of Palestine, land and people. And, as I see things on the ground, I just cannot pretend that Obama’s efforts will allow us to achieve our goals.
   “I am saying so because our tasks are more than just freezing the construction of a building here or there, our task is to effect
Arab-Islamic  renaissance. This is what would make Israel reconsider its insolence and arrogance of power.”
   Obama explained to Mahmoud Abbas; “They (American people) aren’t buying the rhetoric anymore. They see that the Israeli’s are the victims here. We have to change the rhetoric, be patient.” This according to Khalid Amayreh, a so called Palestinian journalist who works for the Palestinian Authority.
   What does the US get in exchange for Obama betraying the Middle East into the hands of Iran? Nothing but war, high oil and food prices and global economic collapse.
   The Chinese are sending war ships “out of area” which is a first for the Chinese. They warned Obama not to do this but he did not listen. The Chinese vowed to protect their national interest.  The Chinese are furious to say the least, according to Chinese emissaries here in Eretz Yisrael. Here in Israel, we are ready. The entire goal is to provide Iran with a Middle Eastern Caliphate and now thanks to Obama it is coming to life.” End quote.
   As we look at the crowds calling for Mubarak’s resignation are they being manipulated by unseen agents of influence? To what end? The answer is not far to find. Look to Iran and Russia. They have the most to gain. We tend to fund everything in this part of the world. They are evidently laughing at us, which is nothing new. An Islamic Revolution may sweep the entire region.
   Do not be deceived by the moderate talk. The moderates do not control the radicals. It’s going to be ugly, very ugly. War is most likely on the horizon. All the elements for it are there. The Egyptians and the Jordanians are meeting with groups that include the Muslim Brotherhood. The U.S. and Chinese are moving military assets toward the region. The Suez Canal is the pipeline for oil from the Middle East to their customers in the West and the Far East. The world economy hangs in the balance. Our close ally Israel is threatened from every direction. It will not take much to trigger events that throw the world in to war.
   What is also maddening is we the US taxpayer are probably paying for this insurrection. Money is not the end-all and be-all but it facilitates change even the change of our enemies and Islamic radicals such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah. These terrorist groups are the enemy of the people of the United States. They hate Americans. Our current administration is very deficient in enemy identification and takes the path of appeasement and apology for our foreign policy. In this part of the world this makes the U.S. weak and vulnerable. We are playing a game of chess and not making the right moves. It seems our intelligence assets were asleep at the desk as well. Actually, they probably knew what was about to transpire but could not find a political climate that was receptive to news they did not want to hear and did not fit their agenda for the region.     
Is anyone else sick and tired of being the dupe of the planet? How do you feel about funding the last 30 years of foreign policy in this region and footing the bill the transition to an Islamic Caliphate?  What will it take to get our current administration to figure out that Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah are the enemies of the United States and the American people?
 Thanks to Jeff Nyguist and our Friends in Israel for their contributions to this forum post.
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