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>One Number For All Net Accounts – What A Dumb Idea


National Security ID For Internet? What A Bad Idea!

By Don White

If you believe it is a good idea for the Commerce Department to have your identity sign-in number that will work for all websites you enter, you believe in  the conditions described in George Orwell’s 1984. It’s scary, man! Actually, I see a security breach for all Americans over this one. Think about it, you’ll figure it out. If hackers want to put their grimy fingers on you, all they need now is one security number and you’re theirs.

The phony reason given by the Obama  Administration is that it will help you remember and you won’t have to maintain all the passwords and usernames. If you believe that, you believe government is out to help you in every instance and in every case. It’s not! Too much government is stifling. And what business does the government have encroaching upon the Internet.

Government doesn’t own the Internet.

“Get away from me, Big Brother. You’re poisonous. A darned skunk just spryed you, and now you want me to smell like you? No thanks”

“No, I like you,” government would reply. “You might have some unreported taxes to pay.”

Then why didn’t the IRS take over the Internet and be done with it. I demand government be done with the lies and the subterfuge, dishonesty, and deceit. Government doesn’t give, it always takes. I don’t want some wicked government bureaucrat knowing which sites I like, where I go on the Internet. My password on Click Bank or on PayPal. My password into my bank.

No, I’m not a porn watcher; I don’t gamble; I don’t look at naked women; I don’t rob banks or use drugs, either.But it appears some government workers would be set up well for cyber-theft if they had everyone’s number or password into their most private accounts.

If you want to make a great investment, invest in companies that protect you from identity theft because I’ll tell you right now. There’s going to be an outbreak of identity theft in America over this one.

Just imagine how much easier it would be for big government to keep track of us if they  could track our trips on the Internet. Where’s the sacred right to privacy in America. And just imagine how much easier it would be for someone in government to assume our identities if that person had ourr one master security number.

I view this as just one more infringement upon our rights of privacy. Now they have my driver’s license number, probably my library card number, and all other numbers. Now they know what I like, what I order over the Net – like if I order guns, pep pills and vitamins over the Net, or clothing, or garage equipment or furniture for my house. Too much knowledge by government means too much power to meddle in the lives of U.S. citizens who used to be covered by the Constitution for privacy.

. “Get away from me, Government, you literally stink, and soon so will I”
.Government monitoring of what Americans are doing in cyberspace has moved a bit closer to reality, as President Barack Obama announces plans to hand over authority to create an Internet ID for all Americans to the U.S. Commerce Department, a White House official tells CBS News.

obama, computer, personal, idThe plan, touted as the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, is raising eyebrows about privacy issues over concerns that creating a centralized database is an infringement on Americans’ rights. It is expected to be released in the next several months.
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