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>Obama’s M! Rifle Ban Is Blatantly Illegal and Just The First Step By Obama To Take Our Guns Away

>Barak Obama is banning resale of a million M-1 Rifles that were made for the defense of our country. True, they are now old ordinance. In the 1960s I trained at Fort Ord, California with those guns. They were old then, but they were still serviceable.

I learned how to take the gun apart blindfolded and put it back together. Not a hard thing to do, really. The gun was simple. That’s why it worked so well. Oh, yes, they could jam. We were in a deep trench one night in basic training, given ten live rounds to shoot at will.  My rifle jammed after I got a few rounds off.

But to hear this Marxist president is going to destroy these guns makes me believe this is only the first step in his unconstitutional effort to ban all guns from the homes of Americans. He is wrong. He cannot keep our guns from us. The second amendment allows all Americans to hold guns, in case some wild-eyed president like him decides to order marshal law and put us all in jail. Here’s a story. Go to the Patriot website and register your disapproval of his actions. Don White


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Dear fellow American,

Did you know that Barack Obama has already banned nearly a million American made rifles?

Nearly a million rifles.

Banned by Barack Obama and his anti-gun cronies.

In a bureaucratic block the Obama Administration secretly banned the re-importation of American made M-1 Garand and Carbine rifles being stored in South Korea.

These rifles were used by the US military during the Korean War and left there after the war was over.

With one stroke of his pen, Barack Obama bypassed the Constitution and single-handedly banned nearly a million American made rifles by executive fiat.

In response, I instructed my staff to prepare a petition for you to sign to voice opposition Obama’s Historic Rifle Ban.

Please click here to watch the video they created in which NAGR Director of Operations Luke O’Dell discusses this latest gun ban with M-1 Garand expert Rory Edwards.

Make no mistake, these rifles were made in America, by Americans for Americans to defend freedom on foreign shores and are greatly sought after by American shooters and collectors.

Now State Department officials claim these antique, collector rifles could be used to commit crimes.

While the radical anti-gun crowd is giddy with praise for Obama’s latest back-door gun ban, law-abiding citizens across the United States are crying foul.

These outrageous claims are a thinly veiled attempt to distract from Obama’s special interest payback to the radical anti-gun crowd.  This desperate pandering must not be allowed to continue.

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