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>Obamanopoly: Senator Hatch Wants It To End


From a press release issued Friday:

“Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) today coined a new word to describe the Obama administration’s unprecedented interference in the private sector: Obamanopoly.

“Speaking on the Senate floor, Hatch noted the President could be called the world’s richest man by collecting trillions of dollars in a mere 155 days.

“‘He now owns two auto-manufacturing companies, oil sands and offshore drilling leases, interest in several hundred banks, and enough real estate holdings to make Donald Trump envious …,’ Hatch told Senate colleagues. ‘Despite his professed eagerness to divest himself of his newfound, unprecedented wealth, the reigning world’s richest man, President Obama, seems reluctant to relinquish his vast holdings. Indeed, I am beginning to think he actually enjoys this – well, what I call “Obamanopoly.” Soon, he will own all the railroads, all the utilities, Park Place and Boardwalk. And when taxpayers pick up the yellow or orange cards from the stacks, they will have to dig deeper in their wallet to fund this high-stakes Obamanopoly.'”