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Obama: America wasn’t great until 1965

April 14, 2011
On Today’s Program

Obama says America sucked until 1965

President Obama’s speech yesterday was like none given by
any President in history. He actually admitted that he believes
America was not a great country until several massive
entitlements were put in place. This may seem shocking but is
consistent with the apology tours, calling the Constitution a
‘charter of negative liberties’, and his wife saying for the
first time in her adult life she’s proud of America. Even given
all of the America sucks history, it’s still a shocking statement.
Glenn has the audio and reaction on radio today.

Stu has the details on Obama’s America bashing in his latest blog.

Christians fleeing Egypt since Mubarak’s ouster

It seems like yesterday Bill Kristol and the rest of the media
mocked Glenn for being ‘too pessimistic’ on the peaceful,
democratic uprising in Egypt. Now, it appears that (shocker)
Glenn was right and Kristol was horribly wrong – Christians are
fleeing Egypt because they are being hunted down and even
killed by some radical Islamic groups. What happened to the
‘peaceful’ revolution that Kristol told Americans about?
Glenn has more on radio today.

Glenn on Tour – What the heck is the ‘Elegant Eliminations’
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Glenn interviews 2012 contender Rick Santorum

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum announced that he is
taking the steps necessary to raise money for a bid for the
Republican presidential nomination. Glenn has always had
respect for Santorum – a man who proved he puts principles
and values ahead of political expediency when he stuck to
calling out Iran despite poll numbers indicating it was hurting
him. Glenn chatted with Santorum as he ramps up for a possible
2012 Presidential run – watch the interview HERE.

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Help Us Put America Back to Work

With our current high unemployment and stagnant economy,
it’s imperative that our lawmakers stand up and protect
American workers and jobs by mandating an employment
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Obama’s fresh new idea: soak the rich

Obama never defined change when he campaigned back
in 2008, and with good reason. He hasn’t really changed
anything. His big new idea to rescue the economy? More
taxes and taxing the rich! Only the President calls them
‘spending reductions’ in the tax code. Progressives are good
at renaming things, aren’t they? (see: Kinetic Military
Action, Overseas Contingency Operation, etc). The first
victims: mortgage and charitable giving deductions. Yeah
because only rich people utilize either of those. Needless
 to say, this speech prompted quite a passionate response
 from Glenn – watch it HERE.

Why doesn’t taxing the rich work? Here’s the page you 
MUST pass around to help educate your tax happy friends.

SE Cupp: How is this rebellious? SE crushes wannabe
rebels who don’t realize getting all their opinions from
Jon Stewart and SNL is actually pretty lame, not original.
Watch SE’s take HERE.

New Tone update: Dem strategist says Obama needs
to start bashing GOP with a bat – STORY.