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>Three Wars, Barack, Will We Go For Four?

>Yes, wars – plural – because Iraq and Afghanistan are his now,
not just Libya. And my big worry now is how can we afford a billion 
dollars a month that soon could balloon out to that much a day if
‘things don’t go right and Obama orders troops (other than special
operation people like Rangers and Green Barets) who are already on 
ground helping the al Qaeda folks beat Colonel Kadafi’s forces. 

Yes, I said Al Qaeda! Where on earth have we gone wrong that now
we must support our enemies?
We posted this video a little over two years (from Brasscheck)
ago when Obama was inaugurated. 

Back then, people were – perversely I thought – comparing
him to Martin Luther King. Shortly thereafter the Nobel Prize 
Committee gave him an award he did not earn and should 
not have accepted. 

Here’s an American who earned his Peace Price and what
he had to say about wars.  


– Brasscheck

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