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>The Freeloader Unions Are In Revolt – When They Wake Up And Find People Must Take Care Of Themselves, They’ll Have To Find A New Country

>”Crude Oil” to:

Arianna Huffington: Earlier this week, I spent two hours 
arguing with a very witty libertarian and an avuncular Israeli 
Rush Limbaugh fan about whether the two-party system is 
ruining America. No, it wasn’t just another typical night 
around my dinner table. It was part of a debate sponsored 
by Intelligence Squared — an evening that made me very 
nostalgic for my Cambridge Union days. I joined David 
Brooks in arguing for the proposition. Arguing against were 
Zev Chafets and the consistently hilarious P.J. O’Rourke. 
I summed up my position by comparing the two-party 
system to a stale marriage: Democrats and Republicans 
need something to spice it up. They need to go on 
Craigslist and find a third party. (And if that third party i
sn’t wearing a shirt, they really should do a background 
check, because he might turn out to be a member of Congress).
Howard Schweber:Governor Walker, Welcome to the Show
We’re not Egyptians, it turns out — we won’t wait 30 years 
to make our objections known. That was a tough lesson 
for the Democrats in November, and just three months 
later it’s turning out to be a tough lesson for Republicans as well.
Bill Gates:My 2011 Annual Letter
This year I am making the case against cutting foreign aid 
for the poorest, even in the current budget environment. 
Whether you think it’s an issue of morality or enlightened 
self-interest, aid spending is uniquely effective spending.
Lorelei Kelly:Our Coup d’Etat, by Accident
If we Americans and our civilian elected leaders don’t come 
to terms with our over-dependence on the military, we will 
cede increasing authority to an institution that doesn’t want 
it and should not have it.
Headed for the Doomsday Scenario?
As we get closer to the expiration of the NFL Collective 
Bargaining Agreement, the great unanswered questions 
remain: Will there be a work stoppage? And, if so, how 
long will it last?
Death, Opinion Is What is Riding High
When the age of Mencken passed, many felt that the 
column would be followed by nothing but news. But 
today, given the millions of words of columns, billions of 
 blogs and tweets, opinion is riding high.

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