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>Change.Org: A Front For Marxist Obama


Change.Org Is A Front For Socialist Obama

Get real. is a front for the Obama people who probably had something to do with the explosion at that oil well in the Gulf.

If not, why was Obama so slow in even going there are doing anything – like ordering the Coast Guard and other military to help sop up the spill. 

It has been said that Obama didn’t even follow the emergency law on the issue. That is, right after an explosion – and they’re rare – the government is supposed to put one of it’s burn-off domes over the site and burn off the oil residue, not wait ten days until it becomes a threat to Gulf states which it now is. You know what? The FEDS don’t even have in stock these domes. A lot of help they are. Next time they tell you to prepare for disaster, tell them to practice what they preach.
I say, Blame Obama for the entire event. It is a man-made event in my mind. And it was made manifoldly more serious because of Obama’s lack of experience in handling a disaster of any kind. Bobby Jindal, governor of Lousianna, is trying to respond. He’s in it because the FEDs have done almost nothing to stem the oil and take care of the problem. Now is not the time to stop drilling. We need every barrel of oil we get from offshore. It is part of the Obama plan to have seven-dollar a gallon oil before the year is out, however. 
What is criminal is that Obama’s group of socialist-communist thugs aren’t even going to investigate the real cause of the explosion. That’s outrageous. Conservatives in Congress should call for an investigation.  Especially when your group of Obama sycophants now want to cry no more drilling off shore – or anywhere perhaps.
He created this emergency – which inadvertently caused the deaths of those people (accidentally in that situation) so that he can lobby the America people for what he has always believed in – no off-shore drilling. He wants to “level the playing field” and make our electricity and other utility bills go “unnecessarily higher” and I doubt he even wants on land drilling. Otherwise, why not drill or mine in known on-land sites like ANWAR, the Utah Colorado area where oil shale is abundant or North Dakota – Montana area which has the largest known deposit of oil in the world. Give me a break, I’m not going to front for you guys. is illegitimate, unpatriotic, and anti-American on the face.

Don White
Windermere, FL

— On Thu, 5/6/10, Action Alert  wrote:

From: Action Alert 
Subject: Tell Obama: No More Oil Drilling Off Our Coasts
Date: Thursday, May 6, 2010, 9:08 AM
Sign the Pledge
Dear Don,
Last week’s oil drilling disaster off the Louisiana coast is expected to become one of the largest oil disasters in North American history.
Our hearts go out to the eleven families who lost their loved ones in the oil-rig explosion.
This is a tragedy, this is avoidable and this needs to stop — oil is dirty, dangerous, and deadly.
It’s been discovered that the well is spewing five times as much oil into the ocean as originally estimated, 210,000 gallons of oil each day — and no end is in sight.
Although President Obama is committing resources toward addressing the immediate cleanup and recovery needs of Gulf Coast residents, businesses, wildlife, and marine life, we know the damage can’t be contained completely.
We will see the communities of the Gulf Coast affected with the anticipated damages for years to come. Instead of risking our lives, our coasts, our clean air, and our security by perpetuating our addiction to oil, let’s build a clean energy economy that means more jobs, less pollution, and real energy independence.
It’s time to put an end to this today.
– The Team in partnership with the Sierra Club