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>Closing For One Month–Prelude To Detroit’s Vanishing Act

>Chrysler leads the way for GM and Ford by closing down during January. If you have no money, why fake it, I always say. Chrysler should close down for the next 12 months and sell off the pieces, that’s my advice.

GM may want to close down and go out of business during the next three months. It can sell off Volvo and other subsidiaries. The days of the fat cow jobs at Detroit and elsewhere in the U.S. are over. Why should a guy in Montana making $15 per hour want to bail out a Detroit auto worker making $70 per hour? It makes no sense. The capitalistic model says companies go in and out of business all the time. You can’t save something not worth saving. It doesn’t take a real economic genius to see that America has lost the car building contest to Japan, Korea, and Germany and that in the future we’re all going to be speaking Chinese untill Washington gets its act in order.

The solution for all the problems that Washington has created–like the housing bubble–is term limits. Fire every Washington big wig and vote in new blood. The same is true in any business. If they aren’t performing–and the “Big Three” has beens of automaking aren’t performing. Therefore, we the buyer–with our marketplace choices–have voted them out of business. What’s so dramatic about that?

With Rescue Unresolved, Other U.S. Automakers Also Plan Production Cuts
Struggling U.S. automakers are launching a round of severe cutbacks as they wait for a government rescue, with Chrysler saying yesterday it will idle all 30 of its U.S. factories for one month.