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>I’ll Tell You What Makes Me Angry!


Give Back The Money To American Citizens–Now!!!

In a New York Times report today, we see that the Iraq government is getting the better of us. The Times said “Soaring oil prices will leave the Iraqi government with a cumulative budget surplus of as much as $79 billion by year’s end…” That’s according to an American Accountability Office.

But here’s the real temper banger: Iraq has spent only a minute fraction of that on reconstruction costs, while America pours billions of dollars into that war-torn country.

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Between 2005 and 2007, Iraq’s government stacked up more than $29 billion in revenues that it did not spend. Most of it came from oil exports. Isn’t this great–we liberate these rich folks from the tyranny of Sadam Hussein only to find them hording their money at the expense of the American taxpayer. I thought going in we were going to pay for rebuilding Iraq with oil revenue. What happened to that idea?

Does that create animosity in Americans or what…or just piss us off?

The Iraq government may add as much as $50 billion to its surplus in 2008. And where is this money going, if not to rebuild the country? Ten billion dollars is stashed away in an American bank.

The Times article said that the unspent windfall, which covers surpluses from oil sales since 2005, appears likely to reinforce growing debate about the approximately $48 billion in American taxpayer money devoted to rebuilding Iraq since the American-led invasion. Growing Debate? I say we storm the White House and demand they get our money back.

I don’t care where it comes from, but since we still have 300,000 troops there and are providing security, our boys dieing every day, that we tap the bank account until we get $48 billion. Then I suggest we refund this money to everyone–not just to taxpayers, because in many cases poor people have lost sons and daughters in this war, too. The group of beneficiaries should include taxpayers, but join to them poor, non- taxpaying people who have had their kids killed in this “keep us safe” war these past 5 years.

If we don’t do this, do you know where these billions of dollars will end up? In the personal bank accounts of Iraqi government leaders, that’s where! Let’s demand this money comes to America and gets distributed. And I’m a conservative Republican talking. If a groundswell of people, liberals and conservatives alike, rose up and demanded the money you can bet President Bush and his entire cabinet would take notice and get us the money. It’s an election year, isn’t it?

In one comparison, the United States has spent $23.2 billion in the critical areas of security, oil, electricity and water since the 2003 invasion, the report said. But from 2005 through April 2008, Iraq has spent just $3.9 billion on similar services.

Over all, the report from the Government Accountability Office estimates, Iraqi oil revenue from 2005 through the end of this year will amount to at least $156 billion. And in an odd financial twist, a large amount of the surplus money is sitting in an American bank in New York — nearly $10 billion at the end of 2007, with more expected this year, when the accountability office estimates a skyrocketing surplus.

We can thank two senators for making public the report. It was requested by Carl Levin, Democrat of Michigan, and John W. Warner, Republican of Virginia, and on Tuesday they were quick to express strong dissatisfaction over the contrast between American spending on reconstruction and the weak record of spending by Iraq itself. Gentlemen, get angry! You’re too polite…get our money back.

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>Dress Him Up In War Gear And Give Him A Gun

Obama visits Afghanistan to tour war zone

KABUL, Afghanistan – Associated Press writer NAHAL TOOSI writes about Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama landing in Afghanistan. “This is the start of a tour of combat zones and foreign capitals in which he will visit with U.S. forces in Kuwait and then Afghanistan — the scene of a war he says deserves more attention and more troops.”

Obama was in Kabul as part of an official congressional delegation and then flew to eastern Afghanistan. Staff. Obama and two other senators were making a brief stop in Jalalabad airfield, in Nangarhar province, to visit with soldiers stationed there.

The delegation also met with top military leaders and troops at Bagram Air Base, the main U.S. military base in the country, according to a U.S. military officer who spoke on condition of anonymity because the officer was not authorized to release the information.

This is Obama’s first visit to Afghanistan. John McCain has criticized him for never coming to the war zone, yet being so outspoken and critical of it. His visit is timed to garner votes–it comes less than four months before the general elections. Republican nominee McCain has been there three or four times, all without much fanfare. But the networks are pulling out all the stops for their sweatheart, Obama, and will shed on him plenty of positive coverage and feedback. Who are the other two senators? Why worry about that–Barak is the story. As long as he doesn’t make a mistake, like accidentally kicking a live gernade or falling on the sharp end of a bayonet, he may make considerable headway back home.



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