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>100 Days To Destroy America

>Barak Obama should have listened to renowned economist Milton Freidman instead of billionaire Warren Buffet because this country is in trouble. It has taken scarcely one hundred days for this babbling buffoon from Chicago to destroy a nation. And what is most surprising is that twenty years ago Milton Freidman predicted this would happen in his book Money Michief. Don White writes about Freidman’s errie prophesy and how everything he predicted is coming about. It’s not easy to talk or write about this, but every American needs to settle down and face up to where in such a short time President Obama has taken our country. Are we headed for the woes of hyperinflation, the likes of which we’ve never seen? I’m afraid so. But God forbid that it becomes as bad as Zimbabwe where it takes a ten billion-dollar Zimbabwe note to buy a loaf of bread. Click onto the story here.