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>It’s Anyone’s Race, But Obama Runs Scared


With only seven weeks to the election, what John McCain has going for him besides Sarah Palin is a quiet confidence that voters are noticing. Some of the country’s best known editorialists have commented on it. It’s as if Barak sees Palin as an ingredient in the campaign against which he has no defense. He had his chance, but decided on foreign policy against female voters. He is paying the price, as women swing to the Republicans in a big way.

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The unease at the Denver convention, the feeling of buyer’s remorse, was the Democrats’ realization that the arc of Barack Obama’s celebrity had peaked – a…

The Main Event for Sept. 12, 2008

Obama reclaims the offensive and reinforces his brand as a new kind of politician by going after McCain’s “pig in lipstick” attack. …

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To Voicer Mark Butler: If the Republican convention was cartoonish, then the Democratic convention was an outright fairy tale. …

Only Barack Obama will truly change course

John McCain’s identity crisis has finally come full circle. After losing as the alternative to Bush in 2000, McCain won this year’s primary as a Bush Repub…