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>Cosmic Light Logic says Inflamation Can Kill You


Just recently, I stumbled across something that scared me nearly half to death — and I don’t scare easily.

This information is so critical to you — and the health of everyone you know and care about — that it would be absolutely criminal of me not to pass it on to you.

What I learned from our Newsmax health editor, Dr. Russell Blaylock, is that at this very moment, you and I — and probably a good majority of people in the U.S. — may have a very dangerous enemy living inside us.

It’s the kind of enemy that, if left unchecked, will silently and insidiously do its evil best to make you sick.

And I’m not talking about coming down with just a cold or flu.

I’m talking about making you sick with some of the most dangerous killers that challenge modern medicine today.

Killers like:

Parkinson’s disease…
Alzheimer’s disease…
Heart disease…

Just to name a few… And it doesn’t stop there.

This list goes on to include such chronic diseases as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and even depression.

And what is this silent menace to your health?

It’s a process that doesn’t sound so bad… until you see the truth — chronic inflammation.

Inflammation is a Normal Part of Healing — Or is it?

I remember hearing in health class that inflammation was a good thing. It was proof your body’s healing mechanisms were actively doing their job to make a wound or a muscle strain or sprain heal.

Even Dr. Blaylock recalls learning in medical school that the typical signs of inflammation — such as redness, swelling, and pain — were all important defenses to protect the injured area.

And that’s still true.

Inflammation is a very important and necessary part of the healing process.

But new revelations have come to light that paint a very different and frightening picture of the role inflammation plays in your body.

You deserve to know that frequently, something goes terribly wrong with the process — and inflammation turns from being helpful into something insidious and even deadly.