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>The Day I Met PPP And Martha Raddatz

>By Don White
It was a great day. It was the day my son clued me in on PayPerPost and the day I met Martha Raddatz on my web site. PayPerPost has a large coterie of bloggers convinced that they can make a difference in the world while making money.

Veteran ABC war correspondent Martha Raddatz became my friend that day. She has put her life on the line many times and I admire her courage. An email came around that had the potential of smearing this wonderful reporter and I fell for it initially but quickly retracted. She said she had not interviewed 60 soldiers with 55 favoring John McCain. Major General Buckman did not originate this unfortunate email. Had I not “had fun” that day checking sources, I would have been gravely in error. I got the nicest email I have ever received. Martha Raddatz thanked me for setting the record straight and for “diving in front of the bullet meant for her,” stifling the unfortunate character assassination attempt. She complimented me graciously for my efforts and it’s all documented on Political Disconnect.

Meanwhile, that day I learned how much fun one can have working with PayPerPost, people who are also dedicated to honor and truth in their work. Sometimes much good can come from errors if we’re willing to admit we were wrong.

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