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Fantastic Gifts for Tech-Savvy Kids

Today’s young generation loves technology, and in a lot of cases, even young kids know more about many aspects of it than their parents do.
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Holiday Decorations for the 21st Century

The possibilities for high-tech holiday decorations are truly limitless, and they run the gamut from yard and tree decorations to a festive environment on your desk.
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Don’t Miss the Classic Holiday Specials

TV specials are as much a part of the holidays as egg nog and Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Some of those holiday shows are hard to do without, and a little bit of online research means you don’t have to.
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Gifts from the Heart

It’s that time of year again where everyone scrambles to get their holiday shopping done.
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Rob Lowe: Episode 2 of 2

Rob catches the high-tech wave with PC solutions that let his whole family get in on the fun.
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Rob Lowe: Episode 2 of 2
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About This System
The HP Compaq 8710p Business Notebook PC is the HP’s most powerful notebook to date delivering robust features as well as compatibility with a range of HP Universal Accessories for top-end performance in the office and beyond.