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>Britain’s Brian Haw – A Courageous Fighter To End The Afghan and Iraq Occupation And Wars – Brian, We Applaud You


The Life of Brian

As elections approach, Britain’s most visible activist maintains his stubborn vigil.


Brian Haw maintains his vigil outside the British Parliament in London. (Photo by: Chris Young/AFP/Getty Images)

Haw has been the target of many attempts to suppress a critical voice. Council chiefs, the police and the government have all tried and failed to evict him from this prime piece of real estate.

LONDON—Britain will hold a general election on May 6, but one of the country’s most admired political figures will not be on a ballot. Instead, he’ll be sleeping under a tarpaulin on a grassy traffic island in London, adjacent to the Houses of Parliament, and living solely on handouts from the public.
This has been Brian Haw’s home—and headquarters—for nearly nine years. Haw began a peace campaign in June 2001 as a protest against Britain’s support for the United Nations sanctions in Iraq. He persists because of his contempt for his country’s foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan.
A father of seven children and an evangelical Christian, Haw believes that he must do everything in his power to “try to save the children of Iraq and other countries who are dying because of my government’s unjust, amoral, money-driven policies.
“My neighbor’s kids are as precious as mine,” says the former carpenter, merchant navy deckhand and world-traveling independent missionary. The nearby Houses of Parliament have an air of exclusivity, elitism and isolation, and the massive statues of historical figures in Parliament Square lend the scene an air of solemnity.
In contrast, photos of war victims, hand-lettered signs and colorful flags that promote peace dominate his makeshift headquarters.

>Obama Now Has His Violent Act To Clamp Down On Americans

>”All it takes for tryanny to gain a foothold (in America) is to remain silent.”.  Thomas Jefferson

A genuinely sad event like the shooting in Tuscon, Arizona is being misused by the progressives and the media. They are blaming it on the placid, peaceful Tea Party people. What a sham.

Look for Barak Obama to soon attempt to take guns away from the public. If he attempts to do so, it will be a huge political mistake.

A few — the popular media – is accusing a majority of Americans of murder. Over half the country has been indicted. For the actions of one, lone, deranged madman.

ABC News is reporting that FBI Director Muller states that the shooting of the Congresswoman was done by a disenfranchised, lonely young man. But they are pointing the finger of manipulation at YOU, the average John and Joan Doe of America. America moved to the center in the last elections? No, I believe they went to the right in voting Republican. They clearly expressed what they don’t want more of – The Democrat Party.

They don’t talk about a judge killed – appointed by a Republican President George Bush. The left is depraved, empty and without substance. Crying wolf at the right is about all they’ve got. Democrats are the party that seeks to profit from national disaster. STOP IT, Democrats.

>Hope, Peace, and Charity

>I have really been impressed with Glenn Beck’s TV program content. Last Friday he had Martin Luther King’s niece, a Jewish rabbi, and a nephew of Ghandi on the show talking about peace. He listed four of the most peace loving and teaching men in history: Jesus Christ, Moses, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King.

As a Christian who believes Jesus Christ is the literal son of God, I was miffed that he would sort of equate Moses, MLK, and Ghandi – mere mortals, with Jesus Christ. I’m sure he must have pointed out the difference, but I didn’t hear it.

Glenn has a largely non-Mormon audience and does his best to keep this non-cohesive group of conservatives together watching him each night at five p.m.

I believe on balance, even that show had tremendous merit. He is certainly putting himself out there in his talk about Hope, Love, and Charity. Keep up the great shows, Glenn.
Don White

What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!

>Americans Will Win Nobel In Science For Epigenome Studies


News from

September 26, 2008

Three weeks from now we’ll know; the 2008 Nobel Laureates will have been chosen in all six disciplines. So now’s the time to make your guesses, and then sit back and enjoy the thrill of the announcements with

As ever, all announcements will be broadcast live on the website (except for Peace which is announced in Oslo and for which the video footage will be available after a short delay). Each one is scheduled for a different day, so put the timetable in your diary and watch whichever ones you can. At the exact moment each announcement occurs, will be posting background information on the new Nobel Laureates and their work, including the official documentation from the Nobel Prize-Awarding Institutions. Later that same day, we’ll be posting’s own ‘speed read’ summaries of each prize.


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How many of the 2007 Nobel Laureates can you remember? Award yourself a prize if you get them a
The Nobel Prizes have rewarded many advances that revealed the secrets behind the life and death of stars, from their conception in the earliest moments of time to the exotic and spectacular explosions that end their lives billions of years later. Our brand new multimedia production, Star Stories, takes you on a journey through the Universe, helping you discover how stars are born, how they shine, and what happens when their light goes out.
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