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>"Bush Never Recovered From Katrina?" Don’t Put Much Stock in Liberal Opinions from Dowd and Bartlett


Don White President George W. Bush walks along the West Wing Colonnade as he departs the
WASHINGTON – The story about Bush is purely hogwash and every Republican knows it.

It is typical for presidential assistants to pan an unpopular president going out, but it is especially “good sport” for liberals who worked for the president, as if they were the experts on everything and now the truth can be told. Before long they’ll be penning best selling books that they hope will catapult them into the limelight, larger Washington jobs, and big money.

Yes, most Americans saw how the liberal press slaughtered George Bush after Hurricane Katrina. The word Yahoo uses is “pulverized. ”I worked for many years in the insurance business and know better. It is not the Federal Government’s responsibility to take away the sins of the governor of Louisiana and the mayor of New Orleans. They, plain and simple, were not prepared, didn’t want to do anything about evacuating the people until it was too late, and didn’t intend to use those school busses that were lined up to get the people out of the city before Katrina struck. If you want to blame anyone, blame those who should be blamed, the Democratic officers of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.

If I were Matthew Dowd, Bush’s pollster and chief strategist for the 2004 Bush election, I would be looking elsewhere to attach blame. A president does not govern a state or a city. After Katrina, the Feds moved in and straightened things out. Look at the last New Orleans hurricane, for example, under Republican Governor Bobby Jindal where the state and city were on top of it and no one was killed. This is how the local Democrats should have anticipated and reacted in Katrina.

Under Jindal, the state moved people out of the Gulf Coast — on a mandatory order — and all was and is well. Oh, what a difference it makes to have a smart Republican in office instead of some syndicate, low-ball, do-nothing Democrats. That’s not a cheap political shot, it’s the truth. Many Democrat Mayors and Governors have never run anything, so they are not going to be successful the first time around in one of these catastrophes.

Dan Bartlett isn’t any better. He’s the former White House communications director and counselor to the president. His comments about his boss Bush are despicable. No, Bush wasn’t the most prepared president to ever enter the White House, but neither was Bill Play-boy Clinton or peanut farmer Jimmy Do-Nothing Carter.

I just believe it shows a lack of class for Bartlett and Dowd to now be critical of Bush while he’s “down” in liberal press popularity. The liberal press didn’t like Bush because he succeeded in Iraq, No Child Left Behind, financial aid for HIV in Africa, and of course homeland security. On balance, Bush will be judged in retrospect fairly and well, and he will emerge with better grades than the liberal press and Bartlett and Dowd give him. Only history will tell. I don’t believe Colin Powell did much to help his boss and my feeling is that he will become a huge burden and failure in the Obama White House because when the chips are really down, he is a dim-wit, unable to make sensible tactical and strategic decisions.