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>McCain On Top Of Georgian Crisis

>Why is it that John McCain is the only candidate calling for Russia to leave Georgia and cease all military actions? Georgia is a constitutionally free country and Russia has attacked oil pipe terminals, airports, and government buildings, killing some 1,500 Georgians along the way.

Georgia has a right to do whatever is necessary to control the property within its borders and assure the freedom of all citizens, whether they still have Russian passports or not.

But I don’t see Obama on top of this. Bush will be all over it as soon as he can pull himself away from the track and field events and return to America. But I would think this is a great opportunity to come knocking on Putin’s hotel room door. They’re both there, George, initiate something, man, and leave a personal message.

What I would do is drop in on him unannounced. Take with you your body guards and when they get inside have them draw their weapons. Putin will do likewise and it will be a crazy standoff. Who’s willing to pull the trigger first. Then squint hard at him, George, and tell him that if you don’t return to your hotel room in ten minutes you have left instructions for Vice President Cheney to have the Airforce drop some bombs on Russian assets. And if that isn’t enough curl up your forehead. Give him that severely worried look. Stare him down. Kennedy did it to Nikita Khrushchev on Cuba, remember, Dude? Kennedy even blockaded Cuba so Russian ships couldn’t come in. Is there any way, George, that we can blockade Russia this time and kick their butts out of Georgia?

Polite Obama-ish language wont’ do it. Maybe we should issue a warning to Putin and then drop a couple of bombs, wiping out some Russian jets and tanks in Georgia. That would deliver the message and the war would end immediately. Where’s the UN and NATO when you need them?

Don’t go through diplomatic channels–it takes too long. By the time they get the message Russia may be annexing the entire country of Georgia. That’s their end game. They saw this coming and Georgia fell for it, mobilizing troops, attacking rebels in South … what’s its name) and now we have an all-out war and only Russia can stop it.

Interesting, Obama says he knows what to do and say at important times. But he’s always a little late. Like the Clinton debates where newsmen always called on her first. His lame answer was mostly, “I agree with everything she said.” It was because he doesn’t know nothin’. He’s stupid as far as foreign affairs are concerned. No, one little trip abroad didn’t educate him. He didn’t even take the time to talk to our injured boys and girls in army hospitals. Too busy seeing the general. What did he learn? Nothing. He was too busy preparing his Brandenburg speech and hobnobbing with the camera crew. McCain was right. He’s a true celeb. But photogenics isn’t what we are voting about come November.