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>Polar Bear Advocates, Rise Up And Applaud!


Something “Stupid” This Way Comes

Don White

Washington–The Bush Administration Thursday placed Arctic polar bears on this nation’s endangered specie list. That not only gives the government license to close down or fine any industry or activity that affects polar bears, but licenses environmental nuts to slow down American productivity.

As if we don’t have enough polar bears. Polar bear numbers are on the rise, not declininga, said nationally syndicated news show host, Glenn Beck on his May 15th broadcast. Since 1972 when we had only 5,000 white bears, their population has grown to 25,000 today, said Beck. Is this a case of plain stupidity on the part of an underling who forgot to check with George Bush who is usually a reliable guy? Or has Bush converted over to the dark side?

The administrative ruling from the Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne means the administration can stop any activity they think is causing “bad air” for the bears. That includes manufacturing, transportation, farming, energy, or even household and commercial building emissions that someone certifies is bad for bears. The ruling puts bears in front of humans because it’s believed that millions of people get sick and eventually die from diseases incident to cigarettes, industrial burning, smog, perfumes, and other air-borne contaminates and when has Kempthorne been concerned about that?

My wife and I are in our declining years, and we’re both endangered by excessive pollution, whether spewed out by cars and machinery or that worn on people’s skin in the form of scented soaps, perfume, aftershave, and smelly deodorants. Get real–polar bears before humans?

I think Secretary Kempthorne has been drinking polar bear milk again and it has slowed down his brain. He needs a quick shot of Gatoraide or Florida orange juice to get him back on track.

This is one of the worst administrative actions the Bushies have taken the past eight years and it needs to be reversed. In it, President Bush—though he says he is against the concept of Global Warming—is playing into the hands of Global Warming advocates.

The attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation, Reid Hopper, appeared last night on Glenn Beck’s show. He said this action is not warranted because polar bears are already protected by other laws or standards. When that is the case the Endangered Specie Act cannot be broadened or invoked, he said.

This matter is sure to become object of litigation since it adversely affects power companies throughout America, farmers who run machinery on their land, the auto industry, truckers, and a host of companies and industries that allow pollution to enter the atmosphere. Hopper said this will result in higher power and food prices for consumers, in addition to helping to make America noncompetitive in textiles, clothing, mining, and whole host of higher prices for the American consumer on things that we produce here.

Another crazy thing is that it’s a unilateral action. It has no affect on other world polluters, including China, Russia, and India. What it does is give them a foot up on America, making our products more costly to produce and therefore making us less competitive.

India and China are today’s biggest industrial nations and the earth’s biggest polluters. Scientists are saying 40 percent of California’s smog may be caused by China’s pollutants in the atmosphere. So, Mr. Kempthorne, before you go about setting rules about polar bears, of which we in the lower 48 have none, check with President Hu Jintao and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the real perpetrators.