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>What Happened To Global Warming?


Winter visits with a Vengenace

A few tourists brave the ice and wind to get a view of lower Manhattan from AP – A few tourists brave the ice and wind to get a view of lower Manhattan from Brooklyn, in New York, Monday, …

In Chicago, the wind was blowing off Lake Michigan, registering wind chill temperatures at a wonderful “Global Warming” clip of minus thirty. What happened to Al Gore’s Global Warming farce-of-a-warning? Where is Al today? We know the president-elect isn’t in the lower 48, he’s lapping up 80 degree weather in Hawaii.

The weather outside was frightful from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Ore., on Monday, with last-minute holiday shoppers shivering and stranded travelers hoping for the best as Christmas rapidly approached. The little town of Eustis, Maine, got nearly 3 1/2 feet of snow. In Marysville, Wash., north of Seattle, heavy snow collapsed part of the roof Monday at the Whitley Evergreen factory, which makes modular buildings. No one was injured, but inspectors were dispatched to make sure other buildings in the business park were safe.

The 14.5-inch snowfall Sunday in Portland, Maine, surpassed the old record for Dec. 21 of 12.4 inches, set in 1933. On the other side of the country, a total of 11 to 13 inches in Portland, Ore., was the biggest snowfall since January 1980. Depending on how much more fell Monday as the snow trailed off, the storm could rank as one of the city’s 10 worst on record. Daughter’s friend Brandon in Portland, Oregon said he was unable to get his car out to go to the store, it was so deep.

“It is amazing,” said Dave Thompson, spokesman for the Oregon Department of Transportation. “You say to yourself: ‘That’s Portland?’ The roads are snowpacked, covered with ice and it’s freezing rain. Portland doesn’t have good snow removal equipment. Why should they, Al Gore told them warming was coming and they usually don’t have snow in the winter.

Most of the Global Warming advocates have taken cover. The blistering cold weather has silenced them. But the scientists–the scientists predicted….they are saying. Well, they are probably wrong.

Those of us who don’t believe in global warming would like a little warming just now. Actually, it isn’t something anyone should shun or worry about. It might make America an even more productive crop country. It might alleviate hunger across the globe. Global Warming would have some definite benefits. No, not the six-degree warming they’ve talked about, because we here in Florida might get flood water. Actually, since we live in Orlando and are high enough to take some global flooding, we could have beach front properties, something that might–with some stretch of the imagination–increase property values.