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>In California Right Is Wrong and Wrong Is Right!


In an effort to be completely fair, I am publishing something that many of my conservative bloggers may disagree with. It represents the result a blog by a liberal in California:

It came from a liberal blog in California called Brave New Films http://www.

Study: Most Legal Immigrants Were ‘Illegal’ at One Time

Posted by DREAMActivist

It appears that things don’t happen in a STRAIGHT line (neither do brain waves and heartbeats FYI).

After my constant repetition of “undocumented or illegal is not a permanent immutable characteristic” this past week, the Public Policy Institute of California has just confirmed the accuracy of the statement.

In a new study based on a survery of 8,000 people, the Public Policy Information Center (PPIC) found that 52% legal residents in California had past experience of living in the country illegally at one time or another. It absolutely smashes the ill-promoted dichotomy of legal/illegal, proving that binary modes of thinking about immigration policy are superficial, baseless and untrue.

Now, it’s only fair for me, a conservative, to refute this flawed argumnt above:

1. The PPIC is a liberal think tank, nothing more, nothing less, though it’s board of directors includes a former insurance company president (some of them are idiots. I know, I used to be one in Minneapolis), and a Chamber of Commerce executive. Chamber people are all for more Latin illegals coming to America, no strings attached except that we owe their children free educations, medicine, and every privilege given to legals.

2. The law is the law. There definitely is a difference between a person who has come to America legally and one who stepped under or over the fence to come here without visas, etc. If illegal and legal means the same to my PPIC friend, then black and white are the same. There is no right and wrong, and someone robbing a bank is as welcome as someone living the law. Nonesense! If there are no opposites in life, then there is no joy and there is pain. There are no bounds. No punishment, no rewards. That goes against all good logic and the Judeo/Christian concepts most of us were taught. Maybe because many Americans are abandoning religion and America is becoming secularized this garbage philosophy makes sense to some. Well, it doesn’t make sense to me–or to the millions of law abiding citizens in this country who serve in the armies and navies, who fight our wars, and who die for our freedoms. Arnold Swarzenegger has never done any of that. But this isn’t about him, necessarily. It’s about those . ne’er-do-wells who want to destroy America. But I’m not, and your not, going to let them.

My PPIC friend continues, saying: “It (his philosophy which he thinks came out in a staged survey) highlights how overly simplified our understanding of immigrants and immigration can be,” said Hill, who said a stark distinction between “illegal” and “legal” immigrants does not acknowledge the frequent correlation between both categories. “We need to be a little more cognizant of the variety and breadth of experience.”

But what does the above prove? Absolutely nothing, except a need for tougher enforcement of immigration laws in California by the liberal Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. And if he’s a moderate Republican I’m a raving idiot. Though I’m really a conservative and doubt if I could survive in California whose economy is greater than 90 percent of the governments on the face of the earth. But, as goes California, so goes the nation–unfortunately.

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