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>Doctors Will Leave Health Care

> In part, here’s what one doctor says about Obama’s health care proposal, and it isn’t good. You thought working with insurers was bad, just wait until doctors are taken out of the decision-making cycle and there is no doctor-patient consultation, just a government committee making all of your life and death decisions.

Primary-care doctors don’t believe that national health insurance will give them more time to see their patients with less paperwork and higher reimbursements or more control — in fact, they believe just the opposite, which is why only 2% of medical-school graduates choose primary care as a profession. Surgeons are already complaining that after long years of training to a high skill level, their reimbursements for long operations are being cut.
So why don’t we doctors organize and fight the changes, when all they will do is flood us with more patients we don’t have the time or resources to take care of properly?
One answer is that few of us believe that the American Medical Association can properly represent our concerns. A second answer is that we are too busy to band together. A third reason is that too many of us are afraid to stand up, for fear of being signaled out.
But that’s just my opinion.
What is your opinion?
Doctors out there, patients out there, speak up and tell us what your worries are about the sweeping changes in health insurance that President Obama is trying to make a reality.
Write back to us here with your opinions and insights. There is still time for doctors to fight back before we are swept under the bus.
Marc Siegel, MD
Fox News Medical Contributor