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>Ship Gitmo Prisoners To Alaska


by Don White

Is there a wrong way to make a mistake?. That’s what I and many others consider closing down Guantánamo. If he was going to close Giutmo, the prison camp, Obama did the right thing in making it a presidential order, despite comments of New York Law School visiting professor, Brandt Goldstein in a Huffington story. The president did it quickly and decisively, pleasing his supporters and angering the right.

Goldstein suggests Congress enact a law so that Gitmo can never be reopened, making sure Mitt Romney, a possible new president in four years, doesn’t reverse this decision if all doesn’t go well under the inexperienced Obama. I’ve got news for you, Goldy, all presidential decisions can be reversed by subsequent presidents. Look what Obama has done already to the conservative Bush mandates such as abortion.

But Obama has far more important things on his plate right now than inviting a Congressional fight that would divide, not unite the country. He needs to concentrate on ending the wars, leveling the economic playing field without taxing away our ability in America to create jobs, giving make-work infrastructure jobs to all non-whites (as suggest by Robert Reich), solving the Social Security puzzle, and determining how not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. Did I say that? Yes, he won’t raise enough money to pay for his extravagant multi-trillion-dollar spending bills with just taxing the rich who make over $250,000 a year. Mark my words. When he’s done he will have incresed taxes on everyone making more than $50,000 a year.

Indeed, his plate is full. He doesn’t need dissent – he’s got plenty of that already, what with his announcement he will raise energy prices drastically to keep his “green” promises. He wants to revert to a seldom used Senate rule called “Reconciliation” where the Senators have only 20 hours to consider spending bills coming up from the House. If he is successful in stifling debate in the Senate we might as well not have a Senate. That is the body that is charged with lengthy debate. Senators are supposed to be our brightest and best debaters, our last hope against tyranny. If this happens, mark my words — no these are Rush Limbaugh’s and Sean Hanity’s — we will then be a dictatorship, why stop at socialistic regime.
In several strokes of the pen in one week Obama took this country back to the dark ages in social and economic policy and has managed by himself to alienate the right wing. After he had indicated, in not so many words but actions, that he would not run the country as a far left-wing radical, he has gone back on that impression and is

following to the hilt all of his campaign promises.


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You who voted for him because of his blackness, intelligence, speaking ability, and charm before liberals at Jay Leno and in his frequent press conferences which are just another venue for him to filabuster,, not to, but at the American people. He orchestrates everything so that he can do the most talking. He even has a list prepared of those reporters he will allow to ask questions. See, there’s no democracy already in the East Room of the White House. It’s a new kind of press conference we are seeing, not open, not freewheeling. but boring. And those are the words of people like Hugh Huett, who has seen many press conferences, and even Democrat pundits. He even uses a large teleprompter so that he looks to the TV viewing audience that he’s speaking impromptu, but he isn’t. He has it all on the screen twenty paces in front of him so that he doesn’t misspeak again.

I was wrong. I said he was first a left-wing radical politician. There have been others. Just watch the White House guest list to see who will occupy the biggest West Wing

bedrooms and you’ll know I’m right. Then you, too, will awaken to the truth –

Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He opted for the executive directive to save

face; he left the Gitmo deal to execute in one year, not tomorrow because,

frankly, he doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s going to do with those 200 to

300 prisoners.

I got diverted away from Gitmo, and that, too, was orchestrated by Obama. He doesn’t want to discuss it until next January. But I do have the best solution: I suggest he set up a prison in South Chicago near his elite subdivision, but you will see the special prison we build for these people who would like to wipe America off the face of the earth will cost us upwards of one hundred million dollars and the good Demos from Chicago would be burning down the phone lines if Obama tried to do this.
“Imagine the jobs you could create in your home city, Barak.”

He will turn it down, of course. But hey, how about Nevada? Nope, that’s Harry’s state. Then Utah. Bob Bennett and Orin Hatch are Republicans and Obama liberals would like to see them squirm.

That’s how it will go and states will spend millions lobbying not to have the facility built in their states. It will become as toxic an issue for the states as the nuclear waste facility.
I do have the ultimate answer. Put them up in Alaska, the far north part. It’s isolated and if they do get out they’ll freeze to death trying to walk away. You say there isn’t enough timber and cement up there? Well, get some chain saws and carve ice blocks and make an ice house. You can’t heat it of course, but that’s the plan.

The global warming lie was most evident this year during the coldest winter in recent history, where it was 50 degrees below zero just a month ago in Alaska. You can save money, just turn off the heat. Alaskans are used to the cold, but the Arabs and others in Gitmo aren’t. That may turn out to be the best form of torture we could devise. They’ll spill the beans, after we promise we’ll let them a cell in a warmer clime.