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Given the growing choices in three-way packages, it’s worth doing a little comparison shopping to pick the best deal.

State of the Art

A rival to the iPhone is about to debut, with software by Google, body by HTC and network by T-Mobile.

When I play a regular DVD in my Blu-ray disc player, the sound is fine. But when I stick in a Blu-ray movie, I have to crank the volume to hear it. How do I fix that?

Aluratek’s USB Internet Radio Jukebox stores station information and listening software on a thumb drive.

Lenovo’s first netbook product, the 10.2-inch IdeaPad S10, features Wi-Fi and an Express Card slot so users can enable broadband connectivity.

BenQ’s MP512 ST projector was designed with the Wii in mind, both in terms of its aesthetics (it comes in white) and also its price.

Leapfrog’s Crammer Study and Sound System is a pocket-size device that displays flashcards you download straight from your Mac or PC.

Is there an equivalent of the Control-Z Undo command for Firefox if you accidentally close a page that’s open on a tab?

If you’re running late, you can send a text message to a buddy’s cellphone from the AIM or iChat instant messenger software.

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