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>Health And Science In The News

>USA Today: When you bath your baby you’re bathing him/her in Cancer!
Group finds carcinogens in kids bath products.

HEALTH: Weather change can trigger throbbing headaches.

Life Science Technologies: There is no Swiss Army Knife of Imaging — where one tool does it.

Science Mag.: Stem Cell Research – an area with high promise for science and therapeutic answers.

US News: Drixoral – Why this allergy medicine is not available and what to use in its place.

US News: The 19 best US hospitals. Why your feet hurt.

India Parenting: What to do about falling hair Is there anything to our quest for secret forces, powerful mind, miracles?

Car Heaven: Is there anything anyone can do to get heavily polluting cars off the road? One blog thinks so.

NY Times: What astronauts can do to avoid spcace debris and catastrophe.

NY Times: What happened when a “quant” tried to take over Wall Street’s stock options.

Yahoo: Ten drink windshield wiper fluid in Little Rock, Ark. day care.