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>Muslims in England Would Overturn Freedom


Does Freedom of Speech allow seditious Muslims license to call for the overthrow of free governments?

England and America are two of the world’s finest examples of free, democratic countries peopled largely by God-fearing souls who above all value their freedom–which they consider a God-given thing.

When America won it’s Independence from England, it did so because it was right. America had been endowed by God with outstanding leadership: Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Adams, Franklin…and, yes, Thomas Paine. He was not a politician but a writer whose bold rhetoric left the word “Freedom” ringing in the ears of all of the above and almost every man alive in America. Of course the Tories pledged their allegiance to Britain, but they became the minority when American Colonists started defeating the Red Coats. They were also known as lobsterbacks, referring to the red coats of British soldiers.

Now we have a threat from without, the aggressive Militant Muslims who say one thing and do another. And they aren’t limited to the Wahabbis, but rather most Muslims who believe in the Shari’ah, a system of law based on the Qu’ran, their Bible. They say their religion, Islam, is a pacific, peace-loving document when in reality we know that Mohammad was not a peacemaker but a militant bent on conquering the world, which he did about 634 A.D.

Today, as portrayed in the photo above, militant foreigners want to destroy England and America and they are so bold as to march the streets of London shouting their lies, threats, and profanities–such as more 9/11s for London and America.

Why can’t we send them home to Iran or to where they came from? If they are citizens of Western countries, why can’t the governments prosecute them? Yes, we have freedom of speech, contrary to many Arab countries, and they can say what they want, but the line is drawn when they incite riots and overthrow of a government by less than peaceful means.

This show of defiance is just the first step in their religion’s march for world dominance.

I once wrote a small article of speculation about the polygamist Muslims. Under the law, each Muslam man can have four wives. If you start with 5,000 polygamist men each having four wives, how many Muslims will there be in 20 years or in one generation? The answer is 160,000. They have large families. Assume 8 to a family. After 40 years that number would have grown to 5.12 million Muslims. After three generations, when the original 20-year-old men who stated this test would be 80, there would be about 164 million Muslims, which could constitute a country the size of Spain, Great Britain and France combined.

If that’s the kind of world domination they riot for they may well get it. Polygamy is against the law in America. Witness what Texas authorities did to the RLDS polygamists recently. They jailed them and took over their children, an act that was finally overturned by an appeals judge.

Be ever watchful about those who would defeat your freedoms. If we had been beaten by Hitler’s Germany in World War II, or today by Russia or China which are very dictatorial, most of the Freedoms we enjoy in America would be lost. The same is true if we had to live under Muslim domination.

Note Thomas Pain’s words in his article called ‘The Crisis,’ where he says: ‘These are the times that try men’s souls…. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered!’ Even an unappreciative posterity knows that line, but we, perhaps, remember him best for his declaration: ‘The world is my country; to do good my religion.’

If Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, and Monroe were the active political figures responsible for bringing about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, then Paine was the fire that ignited the feeling for freedom in the hearts of most Americans. Guard well your freedoms.