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>Why Does Obama Refuse To Be Leader of The Free World?


What If Iran Was America?

By Don White

Where Was Obama When Iran Wanted Democracy?

By Don White

Here’s a story out of Iran, one of resistance to compromise by the Mullahs and their subservient political leaders. For that is the system in Iran. You can have elections, but they are not free in the sense that free people get their wishes.

As you read this article, imagine how Americans would handle this same situation because it may come down to this. Would we in America be passive onlookers, watching pro-Obama NBC, ABC, CNN news channels for the president’s propaganda, drinking it all in like passive pussy cats? Or would we be marching in the streets as patriots, much like the Iranian people who oppose tyranny, even when it is found in their clergy?

Americans can learn much from these brave Iranian people. If only we had a patriotic president who would speak out strongly in favor of the people of the world – especially Iranians right now – who want to remove the yoke of tyranny off their shoulders. If only Obama wasn’t so much like Ahmadinejad and the ruthless Ayatollah Khameni who cloak their wickedness in cleric clothes and hide their own wicked designs in specious rhetoric and hollow words.

Fast Forward

Fast forward three or four years, after Barak Obama has substantially changed the United States, overrunning and overriding Constitutional law and the Bill of Rights – outlawing Congress and the Supreme Court. By then he will have disbanded state governments and outlawed their supreme courts, along with county and city governments. He will have removed representative government from the people and taken it to Washington, growing Washington three fold.

Picture Barak Obama Being All Powerful

Assume that by executive order Barak Obama has consolidated all power to himself, declaring that the states are now subservient to national law which is set by one man, Barak Obama.

Imagine what we Americans would do if in a few years we find Obama has set himself up as America’s Ayatollah Ali Khameni, except he will be known as Ayatollah Barak Hussein Obama, with all power invested in him. Free elections will be a thing of the past. Communist-style elections will prevail, the same elections you saw in Iran recently where there were several popular candidates for president and one of them wasn’t Mamoud Ahmadinejad, but where the Ayatollah can decide that the least popular willl be president and if anyone challenges that result they will be jailed or killed.

Study The Above Photograph

Look at the photograph above of the Iranian religious and secular leaders including the Ayatollah left front and Ahmadinejad on the back row. Place Obama’s picture where Ayatolla stands and his vice president, Joe Biden, where Ahmadinejad stands. Throughout the picture are all top Democrats including Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and if you will, Barbara Boxer, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangle, and others. They are praying, but to whom? It could appear that they are praying to Obama who is chanting something, or is he orating?

The purpose of this meeting is to solidify the thoughts of all the Democrat leaders against the rest of the country regarding a disputed election in America. In a long and hard-line sermon, Obama is declaring the elections valid and is warning of violence if demonstrations continue.

Would Americans Demonstrate As Iranians Have?

Would Tehran be any different than Washington, where Americans from throughout the country would come to demonstrate their disgust for the fraudulent Obama elections where Joe Biden was elected Vice President – or maybe president, because by this time Obama is something far greater than a mere president, he is a cleric, a man of the cloth of his own making, the supreme leader?

Assume the same result for America as in Iran: Obama has declared the elections valid and warned of violence if demonstrators continued, as pledged by demonstrators, to flood the streets in defiance of the government.

It’s Almost Unthinkable: To Have A Dictator When 41 Percent Are Conservatives

Imagine that Obama is speaking to Republicans and particularly to Conservatives who a June, 2009 Gallop poll indicated comprised 41 percent of the electorate while only 21 percent were liberals.

“Opposition leaders who fail to halt the protests will be responsible for bloodshed and chaos.” Turning phrases around to make the good guys look like the bad guys is quite common in the Obama administration.

In Tehran those same words by the Ayatollah dashed hopes for a peaceful solution to what defeated candidates and protesters called a fraudulent election last week, plunging Iran into its gravest crisis since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Here’s Obama’s Ayatollah Speech

Continuing with Obama’s Ayatollah speech: “Flexing muscles on the streets after the election is not right: It means challenging the elections and democracy. (Isn’t that an interesting turn of phrase. The guy who threw the elections, the Ayatollah, is saying people are challenging elections and democracy, while it’s just the other way around. Democracy demands the will of the people be satisfied. In Iran’s case, the people are now being heard because they didn’t vote for that dictator Ahmadinejad. Now the Ayatollah is promising retribution if they continue to speak up and demonstrate and he’s saying they are challenging democracy when it is the Ayatollah who is the thief in the night challenging democracy. We’ve heard this same logic before — from Obama) If they don’t stop, the consequences of the chaos would be their responsibility.”

But opposition leaders, who stayed home Friday, called for yet another huge rally on Saturday afternoon, setting the stage for a possible showdown between protesters and security forces, perhaps a violent one.

The sermon put Ayatollah Khamenei, who prefers to govern quietly and from behind the scenes, at the forefront of a confrontation not only among factions of the government but among Iranians themselves. Like Obama, the Ayatollah is on the wrong side of history.

It also presents Mir Hussein Moussavi, (whom we will call Mitt Romney just to get an American perspective) whom the opposition says was the real winner of last Friday’s elections, with an excruciating choice. The former prime minister and long-time insider must decide whether to escalate his challenge to Iran’s supreme leader and risk a bloody showdown, or abandon his support for a popular uprising that his candidacy inspired.

Imagine, if you will, Barak Obama’s name where we find the Ayatollah’s in the following: During the tough sermon, Ayatollah Khamenei (Obama) tried to tamp down factional disputes among the elite, at one point even chastising pro-government militias and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Joe Biden) for their role in the crisis. But he hardened his stance on the election results. On Monday, a crowd that the mayor of Tehran (Washington) estimated at three million rallied for the first of four days, and Ayatollah Khamenei (Obama) ordered an investigation into the election results, which declared Mr. Ahmadinejad (Joe Biden) the winner, with 63 percent to Mr. Moussavi’s (Mitt Romney’s) 34 percent. Then on Wednesday, the government invited Mr. Moussavi (Romney) and the other two presidential candidates to meet with the Guardian Council, the powerful body that oversees the elections.

But the Ayatollah (Obama) said Friday that there was nothing to discuss, as he again endorsed the victory of Mr. Ahmadinejad (Joe Biden), seated in the audience, and called the elections “an epic moment that has become a historic moment.” He dismissed allegations of fraud.

“Perhaps 100,000 votes, or 500,000, but how can anyone tamper with 11 million votes?” he asked as the crowd burst into laughter. “If the political elite ignore the law — whether they want it or not — they would be responsible for the bloodshed and chaos,” he said.

He added that foreign agents (for America that would be Russia, China, and North Korea) were behind the street unrests and that there were efforts to stage a “velvet revolution.”

“They thought Iran is Georgia,” he said, adding, “Their problem is that they don’t know this great nation yet.”

Tens of thousands of Mr. Ahmadinejad’s (Joe Biden’s fellow Democrats) supporters gathered for the sermon. Television showed the streets filled with people near Tehran University.

There was no immediate reaction from Mehdi Karroubi, (Judd Gregg) another presidential candidate who accused the government of fraud. Many analysts and aides to Mr. Moussavi (Romney) have been arrested and were not available for comments. But the human rights group Amnesty International warned that Ayatollah Khamenei’s (Obama’s) speech indicated that the authorities were willing to conduct a violent crackdown.

“We are extremely disturbed at statements made by Ayatollah Khamenei (Obama) which seem to give the green light to security forces to violently handle protesters exercising their right to demonstrate and express their views,” the group said in a statement.

In a letter on Friday, Mr. Karroubi (Gregg) urged the Guardian Council to nullify the elections. “This is not the demand of an individual, it is the demand of the people,” he wrote in a letter posted on his Web site. “I warn you that insulting people would only intensify their rage.”

The council is expected to meet with the three presidential candidates on Saturday. Web sites associated with both Mr. Moussavi and Mr. Karroubi said that the large rally scheduled for Saturday was still on. In Paris, a friend of Mr. Moussavi’s who said he was acting as his spokesman said Friday that Ayatollah Khamenei’s statements would be met by large demonstrations.

“What happened is beyond cheating,” the friend, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, a film director, said in a hastily organized news conference in Paris. “Since Friday, a 30-year-old page was turned. We’ve fallen into dictatorship. For the first time in 30 years there have been grass-roots demonstrations with millions of people, and these demonstrations stand as a proof that people want democracy.” His daughter Samira, also a filmmaker, said, “Until Friday we had 80 percent dictatorship and 20 percent democracy, and since Friday we have 100 percent dictatorship.”