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>The Far Left: Ready To Ambush America


Dear Fellow Conservative:


Scary thought, isn’t it? Socialism under the guise of “change” in America!
But with Nancy’s and Harry’s loony, far-left Congress now teamed up with Obama’s “government can do do everything” administration, that’s about what we’ll have!
  • The highest peacetime government spending in history (by far) !
  • A federal takeover of health care and total loss of personal freedom in making health decisions.
  • An economic policy that will waste trillions on pork-barrel projects under the guise of “job creation”
  • National legislation to remove state protections of gun rights and restrictions on abortions
Not to mention tax increases, which will HAVE to come, given the trillion-dollar deficit the administration is proposing. All supported by the ultra-libera, “don’t-ask-any-questions” mainstream media!
BUT, there is still a voice for real conservatives … Reagan conservatives who are ready, willing, and able to stand up and fight for our historic greatness.
The American Spectator remains a beacon of conservative hope in this wacko political landscape … a voice for hard-working, middle Americans who still love and appreciate our country’s past and future greatness!
Our world-class investigative reporters … (remember those people who dig for the truth and don’t just parrot what the political “flaks” say) … uncover the dirt of the liberal left, unafraid to tell the truth to the American people with stories like:
  • “The Tax Cut Mirage” that exposed Democrat tax-cut proposals as nothing more than political payback to unions and other liberal cronies
  • “Obama’s Abortion Spending Spree” that showed the truth about the administration’s promises to skewer state restrictions on abortion and provide abortion-on-emand with tax-payer dollars
  • “Bubbleheads and Dupes” that chronicled the much-deserved decline in the New York Times because of its liberal bias and almost anti-American editorials
Here’s what Rush Limbaugh had to say about Upstream: “A splendid and inspiring must-read book … the essential story of the Conservative Movement.”
Your subscription bring you a full year of wit, humor, and laser-precision facts that have made The Spectator such a favorite of true, middle-American conservatives … and so feared by the liberal left!
BUT The American Spectator isn’t just
about Pelosi/Reid/Obama-bashing!
Throughout the Obama presidency, we pledge to continue to devote our world class writers to uncovering the lapses and lunacy of both the liberals and the we-forgot-who-we-are Republicans who are trying to ruin our country.
Month in and month out, we promise to continue to skewer the left wing liberals and support honest, heart-of-America ideals that are sought by you and other insightful patriots.
A subscription to The American Spectator brings you diverse and insightful articles and commentary by conservative journalism geniuses like
Michael Novak
Peter Ferrara
Brian Wesbury
John Fund
Jonathan Aitken
Tom Bethell
Quin Hillyer
and More!
Plus you get the opinions and expertise of world-class AmSpec “bloggers” like
J. Peter Freire
R.S. McCain
Reid Collins
W. James Antle, III
Nicole Russell
Philip Klein
Matthew Vadum
Ryan Cole
Doug Bandow
and more!
Join with other Americans who think like you do!
Subscribe to The American Spectator!
I’ve arranged with our subscription department to enter your subscription for just $39 (that’s 35% off the cover price … a real bargain) … and to send you a complimentary copy of Upstream as my personal gift if you are among the first 100 subscribers.
Your subscription will bring you not only the amusing, insightful, and honestly conservative articles you’re expecting … it also signs you upas part of the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” that Nancy and Harry fear so much!
And, you’ll help stop the left-wing socialist agenda that threatens our country … and relegate the thought of a long-term liberal dynasty to the ashbin of history.
Patriotically yours,
R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr.