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>Natural Cold Remedies — Feel Better this Winter
by Charlotte L
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Find out how natural cold remedies could be your best health defence this year, against the dastardly attack of the winter cold . . . ! So, it’s getting round to that time of year again . . . . The weather is turning autumnal, leaves falling and the start of the cold season!
Colds just seem to be a part of every day winter life. Every year you seem to get at least one, and often it lingers for far longer than it should . . .
Did you know that conventional medicines might not be helping you out at all when you have a cold? (That’s in spite of the promises to have you up and about in no time at all)!
We are constantly being told that antibiotics don’t work on colds and flu — but antibiotics could actually make you worse, as they kill off all bacteria in your body — and we need some of it (the ‘good bacteria’) to help our bodies work properly!
Even if you heed the warnings, and don’t take antibiotics unnecessarily, over-the-counter cold and flu remedies may still be doing you more harm than good. Recent studies have found that products containing aspirin and paracetamol can actually inhibit the body’s own healing processes. They can make your cold last longer, and can actually make symptoms, such as a stuffy, blocked nose, worse!
If all this can’t convince you, then perhaps reading the side effects from conventional cold relief treatments will. Unpleasant side effects include drowsiness and faintness, congestion and headaches and insomnia.
Natural cold remedies are definitely the way to go, and can make your symptoms less troubling, while the length of your illness will be likely to be much shorter.
Top of the list is to allow your body to rest and recuperate a little while, and keep well hydrated, by drinking plenty of fluids.
Echinacea has had a lot of publicity in recent years, as a wonder-herb for colds, and rightly so — it is very effective at cutting short your illness.
You get the best results by taking a high dose of Echinacea, as soon as you feel symptoms coming on, and while they continue. (Don’t take it as a preventative measure every day, or for longer than 8 weeks at a time.)
You should be aware that Echinacea works by flushing the toxins out of your system — so you may feel a little worse for a short while, while this is happening. But the results will be worth it, and your illness will be of much shorter duration.
Other really good supplements to take are Zinc and Vitamin C. Again, taking a high dose as you feel symptoms coming on, works really well.
You might like to take some soothing herbal teas and drinks — these will definitely ease your symptoms and make you feel a lot better. Try Ginger, Lemon and Honey, Nettle or Blackcurrant Teas.
Other natural cold remedies you may like to try are herbal steam inhalations, a ginger root foot bath, natural salt water nasal sprays, and herbal chest and gland rubs.
There are plenty of options to try, that will make you feel better. Soon your cold will be gone, and without any lingering after effects this time..!
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