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>Old Folks Who Thought They Had It Made…


Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

I’ve been avidly following Nilus Mattive’s blog posts and I hope you have been as well.
The conversation he’s having with his Dad and his readers — about the urgent task of boosting their income — is heartwarming.
“Like your Dad,” writes one reader, “we sit on meager earnings. How we wish we had a son who would scrutinize our portfolio and advise us through this last stage of life!”
But sometimes, the conversation is also frightening:
“I lost almost 1/2 of my pension,” writes Mary … while David says “I don’t want to have to take a job as a Walmart greeter or on the McDonald’s serving line but I see lots of grey haired people doing just that and I know it isn’t because they love work — it is because they have no choice.”
65-year-old Judi confesses: “We had a net worth of about $1 million!!! Made the decision to invest most of it in income-producing rentals … These properties are worth less than what we paid for them in 2000/2001; our mortgages all have a balloon payment due over the next 2 to 6 years … I really do not expect the banks will want to loan us money to refinance them. Because I have such a timely, huge financial challenge looming ahead, I work at my Avon business 7 days a week right now!”
A lot of questions remain on the table. But one thing is abundantly clear: The need for safer, higher income is universal.
With our Weiss Ratings of banks and insurance companies, we are helping you find the safest places for your hard-earned cash.
And with Nilus’ continued guidance, I hope you’ll also be able to discover new ways to get more income — something so many people so desperately need.
In his Tuesday morning Money and Markets, Nilus will tell you precisely how he will continue this vital conversation with his Dad — and with you — to get some tangible results. Be sure not to miss it.
Good luck and God bless!