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>Some Top New MLB Players – Which Ones Will Stick?


The World Series champion San Francisco Giants added two new friends in 2010 that lifted them over the hump, catcher Buster Posey and pitcher Madison Bumgarner.
The Atlanta Braves unleashed outfielder Jason Heyward out into the world.
Here are the 10 prospects to watch for in MLB Spring Training 2011.

Will Myers, OF/Catcher With Kansas City
Known to be a jack-of-all trades, Kansas City Royals outfielder/catcher Will Myers had a solid 2010 season in the minors last season, hitting .315 with 14 homers, 83 RBI and 70 runs in 447 at-bats.

He was projected more as a catcher coming into the MLB Draft, but the Royals apparently plan to move him to outfield, which could make way for him in 2012. This player has a rifle for an arm. I’ll predict he makes it as a right fielder if he can hit.14 homers again this year, but in the majors. If I were the Kansas general manager I’d move the current right fielder and opt for arm and potential power.

There are four other catchers on the roster, but the old regular, Kendall Jason, 36, was hurt most of last season. he is back from rehab and expects to start the season in a couple of months. Meanwhile guys like Meyers will be give a “look-see” and depending on Jason’s health, may have to play that position for a month or so until Jason rounds into health.

If I were the Royals I’d be looking to trade Jason and his $2.25 million salary. Trouble is, he makes quite a bit each year and there may not be room on a roster for a .256 hitter (2010 stat). Trade him and get Meyers into the lineup as catcher. Leave Jason on the roster for a while, just to train his replacement. But when an older catcher is hurt, it takes a lot longer for him to recover, so don’t look for much out of him. Meanwhile, you have a strong armed catcher with an active bat just waiting for innings. When Meyers isn’t catching, he needs to be playing the outfield, just to keep his hitting eye trim. He’s a real comer in my opinion.Don White