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>Mad Scientist Did It


Anthrax Case Closed

By Don White

That was the big news this week. After ten long, hard years of investigating, the FBI threw up their arms and pinned it on a so-called “mad scientist” when there was scarcely a motive. Bring back the Frankenstein movies…

And why did it take them so long? We’ve had forensic science and DNA for years. It’s because this became an embarrassment to the FBI. Bush couldn’t go to China with this on his mind. They had to pin it on someone. And why haven’t there been other anthrax letters and scares in eight years? It’s because the real Marcus Junius Brutus killed himself eight years ago. Enough already…But not for the relentless FBI.

Police often get the cart before the horse. They find a suspect and do their darndest to produce evidence to convict him. And they aren’t above manufacturing evidence or changing scientific clues. Many people believe science is gospel, it can’t be wrong. Well, the fact is it can and often is wrong. Scientific crime solving or sci-crime is a big industry. People get paid lots of money to put cases to bed and bodies in jail. Just look at TV shows like “Bones” and “CSI” to get a flavor of this. It’s not as cut-and-dried as the FBI would want you to believe.

To investigators, a closed case is a good case. Thus, the FBI has declared a ten-year-old anthrax case closed, pointing the blame for 5 deaths at suicide victim Bruce Ivins. He must have known authorities were closing in on him, right? He killed himself as the Justice Department was preparing paperwork to bring charges.

If you heard the Feds were closing in on you, you’d probably kill yourself too rather than spend the rest of your life in a box. But how will we ever know if he was the guilty party or not? We won’t. It’s a fascinating case, but motive? What was his motive for sending around these envelopes containing anthrax. Some said he wanted to get back at someone in government for holding up a promotion. Now, that’s a pretty flimsy reason to hold up the world.

Some said he had to be nuts. That’ll work. He probably could have gotten off on an insanity plea. I know if the ACLU had gotten wind of this anthrax stuff—it would have been a good day, and the world would have been far better off. But, my point is they would have come to his rescue. The worst he could have gotten was life in a country club somewhere where he could spend his days in the garden picking daisies, mixing potents and putting toxins in the food of fellow inmates. Imagine the money America could have saved by placing him in every prison in the country. Soon the prisons would have been empty. We could have torn them down and installed ten million oil wells or built McCain’s 450 atomic reactors to give a few wild-eyed Democrats a real rush.

After ten years, because of the advent of DNA, prosecutors became confident that the anthrax crimes were the work of a man who spent his career developing anthrax vaccines and cures to save lives at the bioweapons lab at Fort Detrick, Md. Do you find something wrong with that statement?

Sure, he did it! For crying-out-loud and X$**!><, he was a life-saver, not a killer!!!

Authorities said they were confident Ivins could be convicted. They always are, aren’t they? But how many times are they “dead” wrong? A lot. There are thousands of innocent people serving life sentences in prison today because some mad scientist in the FBI Crime Lab made a mistake. I say we investigate the FBI. We would probably find dozens of nutty scientists who are destroying something we eat as we innocently sit at the dinner table…

So, this case goes down as another victory for science and the FBI over crime and the underworld? Well, it’s not your usual case because to come to the conclusion the mad scientist did it they had to read a lot of comic books, gory stuff with reanimated human beings reconstituted from bones and organic body parts and organs from local charnel houses.… finally resorting to DNA evidence. Why didn’t they use such DNA evidence before? They said it wasn‘t available to them before. But DNA wasn’t discovered yesterday. Criminal investigators have used DNA to convict people for decades. Watson and Crick described structure of DNA as early as 1953.

Officially, DNA was discovered no later than1962. when a Cambridge University graduate student Francis Crick , along with Maurice Wilkins of Kings College in London, and research fellow James Watson won a Nobel Prize for physiology/medicine. It was heralded as the greatest scientific discovery of the last 100 years. Of course, we even had DNA when FBI Director Robert Mueller was a kid.

Detectives have known about DNA. Didn’t Sherlock Holmes have something to do with chemistry in his apartment? And Mike Hammer and Dick Tracy are some other big-time names that were using DNA at least 50 years before the FBI decided they were onto something.