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>Don’t Ever Underestimate The Physical Attraction of a Man Toward a Woman–or Vice Versa

Many women have a tendency to fall head-over-heels for their man early, while men seem to take a while longer. These quixotic, capricious, and unpredictable longings are natural but are the source of unhappiness and confusion among women. We hope to clear up the confusion in this blog, not just by this writer’s opinions, but by yours…

This blog promotes successful romances culminating in marriage, a house, kids, the whole nine yards. Donald Bruce, my Scottish friend, and I have written the definitive book for women that we would like to put into your hnds for just the cost of an inexpensive lunch, $9.95 on an email format. When it is published with a hard cover it will sell for $24.95.

To wet your appetite for this book we have pasted the table of contents above together with the Introduction and First Chapter. In order to read further you must punch the PayPall button below and complete the popups and use your credit card to order. The book contains about 160 pages, so have fun and remember, if it helps you land “Mr. Right” it will be a very small investment in your future. Don White