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>Deport MuslimTerrorists Before It’s Too Late

>Muslim people who are sympathetic to the killing done during 9/11 in New York are now demonstrating in London. They have no right calling for the end of the Western Civilization as we know it and should be deported or jailed. If Britain doesn’t do it, they will be in America and George Bush and John McCain have the faith and courage to put down this threat to our country.

Those who would advocate many more 9/11s in the West, and particularly in America, as these people do should be branded what they are–traitors and enemies of the state. We have laws concerning this type of criminal activity, but if the Democratic Congress and the president lack the courage to govern according to the rule of law and to save our nation, the people must rise up and remove these officials in the next election or forever be plagued with a weak government, chaos, threats from without, and a hopelessly unstable world for our children.

The Democrats’ handwriting is “on the wall.” The cowardly way that a Democratic Congress yesterday dealt with amnesty for Mexican farm workers is shameful. They tacked onto a funding bill for our military an amnesty bill for 1.5 million farm workers, and in so doing told the American voter that they, the Democrats, are too weak-bellied to uphold the law of the land. Also, that they really don’t support our soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen in Iraq. What a group of cowards!

These Mexican farm workers are illegal aliens and should have been deported, no matter what happened to the unpicked produce in California.

Gradually, our weakness in selecting lawmakers is coming back to bite us. Many American school boys and girls feel it is below them to work in the fields during the summer months as we Americans did when I was growing up. This doesn’t exhibit their superiority over what we were in the forties and fifties, but their weakness and lack of grit. When will Americans learn? America was made a great nation by great people willing to work and to sacrifice.

Our boys in Iraq are great people. They are too great for the tawdry treatment Democrat representatives are giving them. This kind of short-sightedness will end up getting the Democrats thrown out of Congress, mark my words and pass the word along.

It is the very reason I am calling for Term Limits for senators and representatives–two senate terms, four House terms, and out you go! Our government was never intended to be a place to retire.

And that goes for the Republicans who linger on including John McCain, Senator John Warner, and Utah’s Orin Hatch. It certainly applies to the two oldest Democrats in the Senate, Robert Bird of West Virginia and Ted Kennedy (who has brain cancer) and many others.

How dare they violate our trust?

Frankly, Senate and House members act with disdain, like aristocratic Little Lord Fauntleroys,towards the electorate. Americans have clearly demonstrated in the polls and in countless articles, blogs, and letters to newspaper editors that they want the law of America to be enforced. It’s time we rose up in one accord on this travesty of justice. But they’ll never learn, so throw them all out and start over again.
Don White