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>Margaret Sanger: Sinner or Saint?


Donald M.White

I was watching Glenn Beck. They showed a clip of Hillary Clinton praising Margaret Sanger as her inspiration. I immediately didn’t like Sanger, though I knew little about her – just because Clinton said she admired Sanger and inferred she was a saint. After further study, Sanger is really one of the world’s biggest sinners – definitely not a saint.

Sanger is credited with saying black people should he eliminated because they are an inferior race. I know – if you confront Hillary, the progressive, she would deny this, but its true, just read the books about her. This statement, of course, isn’t recorded in Sanger’s own autobiography.

What jumps out when I read Margaret Sanger, An Autobiography, is that she was in the forefront of setting up female abortion clinics. If you’re a progressive, she was a great savior of women and a leading women’s rights advocate. That means supporting women who kill their babies for reasons other than health of the mother.

Before Sanger’s time in America it was illegal for a woman to have an abortion, except to preserve her health. That determination was made by a doctor. Today, with the wave of female abortion-rights advocates living on the planet – in fact running our government in Washington D.C. – abortions are performed on a regular basis with our tax dollars.

Killing babies offends God. The Catholic Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, among others, are on the forefront in opposition to abortion on demand, a practice for which Sanger worked hard to get U.S. government approval and funding and people like Barak Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and others champion. Why do they support killing babies? Because they do not believe in God or in the Bible, plain and simple, though Obama and the Clintons call themselves Christians when in fact they are really atheists.

Whose church did Obama attend for twenty years from which he states he learned nothing about the “liberation” philosophy that the Rev. Jeramiah Wright regularly spewed using caustic, fatuous, anti-American rhetoric, relying on a bombastic scream and and a faux-evangelic demeanor of ranting and arm waving gesticulation and accusation that he cried in the highest volume possible, ‘ Not God bless America, God damn America…”. Whether he likes it or not, Barak Obama is married to the likes of Jeramiah Wright and Margart Sanger and their causes, though their aims regarding black people seem counter to one another.

Is all of this just my opinion? No, listen to Sanger, herself:
   “The Senate hearings on the hill, introduced by our old friend Daniel O. Hastings of Delaware, did not come until March (1932). We presented our advocates, among them a miner’s wife from West Virginia, the native state of two members of the committee, Hatfield and Neely. She was a perfect illustration of the type that both needed birth control. When she finished a Catholic woman asked her.” which of your nine children would you rather see dead?”
   Sanger said that “the woman’s reply was just right; it could not have been better”
   “Oh, I don’t want to see any of them dead. I love them all; but I don’t love those I haven’t had.”

The above illustrates a lack Biblical understanding and a love for Christ’s doctrine. For those like the Mormons and Catholics and many other Bible-reading people who believe that each of us lived as spirit children of God before we came to earth, it represented a short-sighted and unenlightened view of life. It represents lack of faith in God and in Biblical teachings. To abortionists, life as they know it begins only when the fetus is fully delivered and the umbilical cord is detached from the mother’s womb – thus their excuse that when they kill a partially delivered child they are not killing a live person. Balderdash! But that’s only part of the story. If you believe the Bible, life doesn’t begin at conception.

Job 38: 7 (1-7)

  7 When the morning stars asang together, and all the bsons of God shouted for cjoy?
The above scripture tells of the preexistence. It was a time when we were presented with a choice – either we follow Satan who said all would be saved by him, the honor going to Satan not God, without even living a good life or showing adherence to God’s laws. The second was Jesus Christ who said he would take upon himself the sins of mankind and all would be resurrected, making possible the resurrection of all mankind, but that we each had an obligation to repent of our sins to gain God’s approbation. All the glory would go to God. God was angry at Lucifer or Satan and chose Christ’s plan while he cast out of heaven Satan and one-third of the hosts of heaven, those spirits who chose to follow that rebellious one. Their spirits exist today without a physical body and under Satan’s tutelage they tempt and torment mankind, hoping that people will fall away from God, thus joining the bands of defeated spirits 
Jesus lived a perfect life, and we too are admonished by him to become perfect and to serve him by serving others. Life on earth is a preparation time to determine who will be patriotic and faithful to Jesus Christ and his commandments which we can read about in the Bible and elsewhere. Mormons also turn to Abraham, where the Bible says he was chosen as one of the great ones before this world was. 

Margaret Sanger and her gang do not believe in the sanctity of  human life. Our God, through Jesus Christ, who created all things – this earth and all therein and the universe and other planets and creations so innumerable that we can’t count them all – controls his feelings and teaches that retribution for harming one of these innocent ones will be his and in his own due time. But since Obama, Clinton, and Sanger were and are not God-fearing people, they are not exactly quaking with fear because their hearts are so far removed from spiritual things.

God also had a hand in inspiring our Founding Fathers to create a free country, the United States of America. All 56 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were inspired of God. But today there are those who believe the Constitution they produced is antiquated. These folks look to France, China, Russia, Arabia and other countries for their inspiration and have abrogated the great freedom-inspired documents our Founders, with God’s help, placed here for us – necessary documents that acknowledge our inalienable rights of agency, freedom to congregate and to worship, to hold opinions and to express them without government intimidation and interference; freedoms given to us by God of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. It made Americans uniquely free from abusive government. These sacred documents and freedoms allowed free enterprise and capitalism to thrive and for America to grow into the most exceptional and giving country on the face of the planet. Yet today the government in Washington is systematically erasing these freedoms in a Satan-like effort to bail us out, stimulate our economy, or make poor enterprises work by hook or crook.

We all lived long before as spirits. Before we were born our spirits united with the physical body creating the soul of the child. The exact moment when the spirt and body unite is not known, but it may coincide with the heartbeat of the fetus or when life is felt by the mother; certainly when it tosses from side to side in the uterus or well in advance of birth when the mother can feel the fetuses vibrations and movements and when many enlightened women today start speaking to their child through the walls of the body into the uterus where there is evidence that such a child – whether spoken to verbally or given music to hear – knows and understands such teachings even before birth.

Progressives like Sanger have no knowledge or belief in a life after death or a life before earth life. It is taught in the New and Old Testaments. All of the prophets foretold of Jesus Christ who would die for the sins of man and make resurrection possible and life eternal a reality. If you don’t start by believing in the vehicle that will take you into the eternities – God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the prophets – it is not possible to believe in the hereafter or that there is anything except this life. What a sad existence this life would be if we had no promise of eternity with our family members and life everlasting of which Jesus Christ testified. To me and to millions like me, life without the Savior’s teaching would be like driving a car down a culdesac and when you reach the end there is no more. What a miserable reality that would be. But we know better.

Sanger’s book doesn’t mention words like God, Jesus Christ, the creation, and the creator. They aren’t in her lexicon. Instead she believes the purpose of life is to “pass on the torch of life” to those who follow us and this, Sanger said, the birth control movement is doing.

“Build thou beyond thyself,” she quotes Nietzsche, the philosopher who proclaimed God was dead. Friedrich Nietzsche was a so-called learned writer who placed himself on the intellectual level of Jesus Christ. “All peoples will in the future have greater regard for the quality of their bodies and for their brains,” Sanger said, and “must be equipped for the task of building the future civilization; birth control will be the cornerstone of that great structure.”

The above is why birth control advocates – the likes of Margaret Sanger, FDR, Adolph Hitler, and Woodrow Wilson – believed that only the fit should survive. With their dogma, if a baby had even a small defect it must be eliminated. After all, we must pass on only the superior people to help perfect this utopia which they all envisioned -and which Hitler saw as only white, blue-eyed people. But when you look into his heredity, you find that he had both black and Jewish ancestors as well as blue-eyed Germanic genealogy.

God forbid. No rational person wants to live in such a world. We celebrates the diversity of mankind, not a monolithic sameness.