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>Unity Doesn’t Mean Uniformity

>There is little progress when we abandon creativity and unique thought.

In their book, Getting America Right, Doug Wilson of Townhall and Edwin Fuelner of the American Heritage Foundation said:
“The continuing strength and vitality of our country comes in large part from our differences and disagreements, from the unimpeded flow of ideas and experiences, from the incredibly varied mixture of cultures and traditions which we cherish — all of which works to broaden our collective intellect. Like an alloy, we are harder and tougher because our base metals are mixed.”

But our freedom springs from our basic national identity and values. We are a land of laws — but also freedom, opportunity, independence, opportunity and decency.

But today you don’t even need to learn to read, speak, and write English to pass the citizenship test. Our liberal judges have leaned over backwards to make immigrants a special interest group.

In 1989 an American man murdered his wife with a hammer and got off with only five months probation. That’s outrageous! But this man was a Chinese immigrant to New York, Dong Lu Chen. He murdered his wife because he suspected her of infidelity. In China, female infidelity receives captial punishment. So that Chinaman just took matters into his own hands, forgetting he now lives in America where we respect the lives of men, women, and children. Life is sacred.

Lest anyone forget, in America woman have the same rights as men.

The liberal judge also forgot his duty — to mete out a punishment according to American law, not Chinese law. Have we as Americans lost confidence in our values?
I’ll write more on this later. DWhite