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>The "Racism" and "Bigotry" Defense

Muslim FBI Agent Gamal Abdel-Hafiz was fired and reinstated by the FBI under pressure or threat of suit.
With its deep pockets the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a major source of funding for the Terror-Supported Syndicate in America. When its leaders get in trouble, the Saudis are ready to provide legal aid and public relations assistance.

They also have a powerful friend in the Saudi Ambassador stationed in Washington. Some people believe he is so powerful that at times he can make investigations go away with one phone call.

What he has to work with is the gullibility of the American people and it’s
deference shown to two aspects of Islamists. Most Islamists are not just a religious minority, but a racial minority, and they know how to work it to their advantage. Jamal Barzinji, a key leader of the Safa group, has threatened to sue the U.S. government for unsealing an affidavit supporting a federal warrant to search his home. The Safa group of companies is also known as SAAR, the “golden chain to supporting terrorism and the CSID founding board member was Jamal Barzinji.

The SAAR Foundation is incorporated in Herndon, Virginia, just outside Washington. It is an umbrella organization for a cluster of over 100 charities, think tanks, and businesses known as the SAAR network. In 2002, the US government raided the SAAR network looking for ties to the Al Taqwa Bank and the notorious Muslim Brotherhood.

In 1995, investigators raided two groups in Tampa, Florida, associated with Sami al-Arian, a university professor who some claimed had been a supporter of terrorist groups. These raids alerted investigators to a group of Muslim charities in Herndon, Virginia, known as the SAAR network mentioned above (see July 29, 1983). An investigation into that network’s alleged terrorism financing began. In 1998, National Security Council aides in the Clinton White House pushed the FBI to intensify the SAAR investigation. However, the FBI declined, claiming that an aggressive probe would be seen as ethnic profiling.

Barzinji had called the investigation “racist.” FBI agent Gamal Abdel-Hafiz, who had unauthorized contacts with Muslim targets of investigation, threatened to sue the FBI for discrimination after he was fired. The bureau reinstated him, despite lingering questions about his loyalties.

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