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>The Naughty Lady Of Longboat Key

>This is the first chapter of a novella I am working on. Actually, I wrote a few chapters of a novel I was going to call The Good Man, but now I’ve decided to combine him with the Naughty Lady Of Longboat Key of the novella – let them wrestle in the water and sand figuratively and actually, let their intellects collide – and see what happens. It could be exciting. I hope you will come along for the ride..
   When we combine these two people, a Holden Caulfield-like naturally good, honest guy named Sloan Whitaker, I see fireworks exploding all over in vivid colors of reds, whites, golds, silvers, blues, oranges, purples, and greens.. I see readers getting excited and their sensibilities being tested to the limit.
   Need I say more? And I won’t since some of this is still in my head and must be developed; but I wish you good reading as you discover the lady of Longboat Key whom, for this blog at least, I’m calling “The Naughty Lady” and toying with the idea of calling the entire book by that title though Sloan Whitaker’s humanity, good natured approach to life, honesty, and conservative values argues otherwise.. Don White

The Naughty Lady Of Longboat Key
By Don White
Chapter 1
He had wandered along the beach from his lodgings at the Colony. When he reached what would have to be the end because one area ahead was blocked off providing a private beach for someone one hundred yards wide.
   He stood at the wire fencing peering over. He thought he saw someone in the water. It was a woman bathing alone in the warm Gulf waters. The traveler wore strange sandals, chintz trousers and a T-shirt so it wasn’t an issue if he got wet. Curious, he waded into the sandy water two feet deep and came onto what he imagined the property of the lady in the water up ahead.
   He stopped twenty feet of her. Startled, she did an about face to see who was there. “What are you doing here?” she said. Didn’t you see the sign? “This is private property along here.”
   “Private property, along a public beach?”
In water up to her neck, she looked perturbed. “This is not a public beach, sir. I own the house over there and if you go to the city of Long Boat Key appraisers office you can look it up.”
   “I will do just that,” he replied. “What’s your name and address?”
   “You can get the address from the front of the house. But I’m not telling you my name. That’s getting too personal.”
   The man smiled congenially. As she watched him, she thought he was playing with her, but he had a nice sounding voice.
   “Why won’t you tell me your name?”
   “Because you might be a robber, a murderer, a rapist. A single woman can’t be too careful these days, can she?”
   “No, I suppose she can’t. But, no, I’m not here to rape you.”
   “But what about the other descriptions. Are you a robber or a murderer?”
   He smiled again and waded in up to his knees. “What do you think you’re doing,”
   “You can keep me off your private beach, but you can’t keep me out of the water. It’s public water, ma-am, am I right?”
   She paused and took one step toward him.
   He looked her over. “Nice shoulders,” he said. “I’ll bet the rest of you looks nice, too.”
   “See,” she said. “You are a clever man. And I think you must be a rapist just waiting for me to come out of the water and overpower me.”
   “Nonsense,” he said. “Name’s Sloan Whitaker. I own a boat, would you like to see it sometime?”
   “Sometime, I suppose,” acting not too interested. “Is that the only thing you own, Mr. Whitaker? You have property as well, I presume.”
   “Oh, yes. I’m from New York. Stock broker. I have plenty of money. My wife and I owned a beautiful beach house in the Hamptons on Long Island.”
   “Yes, she died a few years ago and I never remarried. I still own the home, however she is gone so I couldn’t say she and I now own it, could I?”
   “You’re a clever fellow, Mr. Whitaker, and a good talker.”
   “Call he Sloan.”
   “Would you like to come out of the water now – now that you know I’m not going to harm you and that I am a rich man.”
   “Well, before you came along I was perfectly content to be in the water. It’s nice in here. Why don’t you take off your clothes and come in.”
   “Oh, I can’t do that.”
   “Why not, are you afraid of me?”
   He laughed. No that’s nonsense – that either you or I should be afraid of the other.
   She studied the man. “I’d say you and I are the same age. Are you between thirty-five and forty-five?”
   “Why yes,” he said. “That was a good guess. Do you believe in fair play?”
   “Of course I do, always have.”
   “Then it would only be fair of you to tell me your age if I’m going to take off my clothes and come in.”
   “No, I won’t tell you my age. A proper woman has to maintain some scruples, don’t you think.”
   “That depends on the woman, and how proper she really is.”
   “What on earth do you mean?”
   “You, there, what is your name?”
   “I can’t say.”
   “Then what do you want me to call you?”
   “Sally Mae. That’s a pretty nondescript name, don’t you think?”
   “No, I don’t. And I don’t believe that’s your name. A Sally Mae would be a farm girl, and I can tell you’ve never set foot on a farm.”
   “That’s true, but how can you tell?”
   “By the power of deduction.”
   “Do you fancy yourself, Sloan, as someone who can read the other person pretty well?”
   “Yes, I do. I was a police detective for ten years before I decided I wasn’t making enough money and got into the market. I can tell you are hiding something and I’m determined to come out there and find out what it is.”
   “No, you don’t,” she said, instinctively bringing her arms up to her breasts which were still covered in water.
   “Ah, I know what it is. You’re stark naked, aren’t you.”
   “Oh course I am. I’m bathing off a private beach and have a perfect right to bath naked or clothed or wear only a silk scarf.”
   He smiled. “I’ll bet if I looked I could find an ordinance against nudity on these beaches.”
   “You don’t know this, being from New York and all, but a few years ago this entire Logn Boat Key beach and Lido Beach to the south were nude beaches.”
   “Really. Then you must have bathed and walked all over the place nude with the other naked people. Didn’t that bother you?”
   “In what way?”
   “I mean, weren’t you a little…well, bashful about someone else seeing your body parts?”
   She hesitated and took another step toward Sloan Whitaker revealing her full breasts which, like her face, were golden suntanned. “As you can see, Sloan, I’m a bold lady. I am not afraid of you now that you’ve told me who you are. But I sense you are afraid of me now. Isn’t that true?”