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>Who Is John McCain’s VP Running Mate? Better Ask Who Is Sarah Palin?

>It’s 10 a.m. on Friday, August 29th, 2008

Dayton, Ohio–Who’s it going to be for John McCain? We’d better announce who it isn’t. It isn’t Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty or former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. They have other plans and won’t be in Dayton this morning.

McCain’s people have done a great job in confusing the media–and at the same time confusing the three most likely candidates. The faces of Mike Huccabee, Romney, and Pawlenty and Joe Lieberman took on a multi-emotion look this morning. It was a combination of surprise, shock, disappointment, and relief. At the right time, each returned to their home states, leaving the press to speculate on who it would really be.

Some are now saying Meg Whitman, E-Bay CEO, would be the business head he needs to round out his candidacy’s resume. Another name is that of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, whose plane has already landed at the small airport in Ohio. That plane landed in Scottsdale, Arizona yesterday–presumably with Palin on it–and she has received the call to be a running mate of McCain. Another Leer 35 that originated from Ankorage and left Arizona went to Ohio. So maybe she’s on the plane.

Dayton, Ohio is in the national spotlight this morning–at least for conservative Republicans. It certainly would appear to be a “done deal” for Palin. Who? Yeah. That’s what all Americans will ask.

How can she help McCain. She is very popular. She is a die-hard conservative, mother of 5, a hunter, fisher, member of the NRA.
Women are a majority in this country. Republicans believe this is a huge opportunity for Republicans since Obama is only a few points ahead of McCain when he should have had a double-digit lead with that big extravaganza in Denver last night. Palin has said, “Drill Alaska.” She is a conservative, pro life. Exactly the alterego McCain needs to bring on those swing states. She has been in state and local government. Two U.S. senators, Biden and Obama, is a tough act to sell when you talk about bringing something new and changing Washington. Biden has been in Washington since he was 27, some 40 years. How does that give Democrats credentials to say they are a “breath of fresh air,” something new. They are not!

Palin was born in Idaho, went to the University of Idaho, and has lived the remainder of her life in Alaska. Born in 1962 in Sand Point, Idaho. She’s young, 44. She’s attractive. She’s an excellent speaker, she can give McCain everything he needs to win in November. Today is McCain’s birthday and is 72.

She is conservative. McCain has been beaten up a lot by Democrats. She has been governor 1 1/2 year and previous she was mayor of a city. Not a lot of experience, but she was known as a fighter when she played basketball. She played on a state championship basketball team in 1982. She was a sports reporter, she has been named as John McCain’s running mate……..

The truth come out–Americans love fireworks, but that’s not convincing to many people.