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>Late-Breaking Political News and Views


In a bid to combat the popularity of Sarah Palin and avoid an extended Republican lockdown on the White House, former president Bill Clinton is launching a strong support push for Barack Obama this week.

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama will have their first joint presidential race campaign appearance in Florida less than a week before election day this Wednesday. Bill Clinton will also attend an Obama rally in Beckley at Word Memorial Park on Thursday.

Bill Clinton’s support for Obama is laudable considering that Obama shunned his wife, Hilary Clinton, from his presidential ticket and opted for Joe Biden as a running mate.

In celebration of the Clintons, this cluster features some of the most viral Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton posts.

Via: trendhunter

Recreating Magazine Covers – Halle Berry Is Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, 75th Anniversary (GALLERY)

Halle Berry is named the “Sexiest Woman Alive” in the November 2008 issue of Esquire, a title that was held by Megan Fox. Photographed by Cliff Watts, Halle Berry recreates the Bill Clinton Esquire cover… [More]

Political SNL Parodies – Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

The skit on Saturday Night Live featuring Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton, coming together with a bipartisan message, was no less than hysterical (maybe a biased opinion on my… [More]

Political Swimwear – Obama, Clinton and McCain Politkinis (GALLERY)

“Wear what you think” is the motto; “get behind your favorite candidate” is the action. Contrary to plain Jane politcal slogan T-shirts, buttons or hoodies, swimwear with a message is new and fashionable.… [More]

Top 13 Posts Related to Hillary Clinton

Hilary Clinton is perhaps the current queen of viral attention… From the “I’m f*cking Obama” video to Hilary Clinton nutcrackers, her name gets noticed. But Obama’s name is also exceptionally popular…… [More]

Interview Juxtoposition – Does Hillary Clinton Copy Tom Cruise? (VIDEO)

Is Hillary Clinton into scientology? This video would suggest that she is! The same talented video editor who brought us “I’m Fcking Obama” has released a video that juxtaposes the conversations of Hillary… [More]

Viral Political Parodies – Hillary Clinton is Fcking Obama (VIDEO)

Oh my God! This is so damn funny and cleverly edited. First we had Sarah Silverman fcking Matt Damon. Then we had Jimmy Kimmel fcking Ben Affleck. Now it’s Hillary’s turn to fck Obama! The parody was… [More]

Political Spoofs as a Protest – Hillary Clinton for Sunsilk (GALLERY)

The talented artist at Pretty On The Outside has created this artistic spoof of Hillary Clinton for Sunsilk campaign as a protest of the way the candidates have been acting. He finds it “odd that our presidential… [More]

Accidental Endorsement – Girl in Clinton Ad Votes for Obama (VIDEO)

The little girl featured in Hillary Clinton’s “3 A.M.” video campaign is lashing out against the ad, using the footage instead to encourage the world to vote for Obama. I guess that campaign backfired!… [More]

Political Parody Ads – Axe’s Hillary Clinton Spoof

Axe is one of the most courageous and daring brands, always innovating when it comes to using consumer insights and new products. Their marketing campaign can be quite controversial and easily grab attention.… [More]

Hillary Clinton & George W. Bush Voodoo Kits (GALLERY)

How do you really feel about politicians? Disenfranchised? Complacent? If you’re not comfortable expressing it out loud, but need an outlet to release your frustrations, consider picking up a Hillary… [More]

Celeb Fashion Blunders – Hillary Clinton’s Cleavage Controversy (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton’s cleavage has been quite the conversation talk this past week. The presidential candidate who is usually dressed fashionably yet conservative, has been facing a lot of critique for displaying… [More]

Bill Clinton Predicts Coming Disaster (GALLERY)

During a recent address, Bill Clinton warned of coming disasters (worldwide famine, obesity epidemic) and emphasized the great need for preparedness. He cited distractions (such as fulfilling campaign… [More]

Political Mockery – Hilary Clinton Singing Becomes Viral on YouTube (VIDEO)

At last Hilary Clinton is popular – a film of her singing the US antional anthem is taking the internet by storm. The mic caught her singing the National Anthem in January 2007…. and the video has already… [More]

Female Presidents – Hillary Clinton Enters Presidential Race

We all expected it and the day has finally arrived. Hillary Rodham Clinton announced on her website that she will be entering the 2008 presidencial race. A win could make Hilary the first female president… [More]