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>Eli Saslow Can’t Seem To Face The Truth About Barak Obama


I won’t ask you to read such diatribe trash as Eli Saslow’s epic in the Washington Post of the Obama rise from nothing to sainthood in Illinois. He started by stabbing a fellow Democrat in the back. He had won his seat (state senate) by challenging the validity of opponents’ petition signatures, a tactical move that knocked a popular black incumbent named Alice Palmer off the ballot and allowed Obama to run unopposed.

Saslow said, For one of his first major projects as a (state) senator, Obama sponsored an ethics bill that made it illegal for senators to receive gifts from lobbyists.

The successful effort reinforced Obama’s public image as a do-good reformer but annoyed some colleagues. But if he had his mother and grandmother around now this is what he would say: “Look at me now, Mom, I’m a reformer and at the same time Fannie Mae paid me millions of dollars in kickbacks for supporting their causes. I trained a group named ACORN that goes around fixing elections, in fact I was their attorney. Taught them all they know.” And the before-mentioned is fact except that his mother and grandmother aren’t around to hear him gloat. If that isn’t a duplicitous two-faced approach I don’t know what is.

It almost makes you sick to see liberal writer Eli Saslow gloss over the Obama years trying to make himself something more than just a man who voted “present” 129 times. Saslow derides those times as “. . .129 “Present” votes, watered-down bills and a dearth of significant accomplishments.

But Saslow also dreamed up a neat little argument in typical Obama fashion, sugar coating the record of this tall lean man from Chicago, a tactic Obama, himself, utilizes any time the truth is clearly going against him. Saslow said the following about those so-called votes. Read and you be the judge, then read my comment below to the liberal Washington Post and their article, a paper that once was such a fine fair-minded newspaper. Leave your comments on my Political Disconnect blog for others to see.

“His political opponents have used those votes as proof of cowardice. By refusing to vote “Yes” or “No,” they argue, Obama avoided casting votes on controversial issues in order to protect his record.

“But Obama placed more than half of his “Present” votes along with other Democrats in organized protest of Republican legislation,” says Saslow without documentating any of it), “voting records showed. (no they didn’t) Allies said many of his other ‘Present’ votes reflected his tendency toward analysis and precision: ‘He voted Present whenever he liked a bill but felt uncomfortable with its wording, they said.’ “

“Nobody ever thought the ‘Present’ votes would become an issue,” Kimberly Lightford (a state29-year-old senate colleague) said. “Obviously, he never thought so, or he probably would have voted ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ “

Had enough? On the contrary, there is an honest story at Newsmax by Ronald Kessler, someone I respect, entitled: “Obama Ran With A Bad Crowd in High School.” I suggest you click on that when you’re finished reading my comments below.

I ( wrote:

Eli glosses and smoozes over Obama’s Illinois record, which wouldn’t be much without his friend (Senate miniority leader) Emil Jones. The only thing this article proves is that Obama is a cameleon, Lacertilia of reptiles distinguished from the snakes by a fused inseparable lower jaw, a person who will assume any demeanor, any style, and any front necessary to get what he wants. It has to do with honesty, which Obama lacks. A lot of Eli’s article was not complimentary, a credit to the author. Obama is the biggest smooze artist of all. He should be known for those 20 bills he authored, but not the 200 he stole authorship from someone else. It’s all for me and none for you, except a good laugh, several beers, and a pat on the good-old-boy network back with O. Lookout Washington, here comes Obama. Something bad is coming down, have you heard the news? Duck and slide, run and hide, nothing can stop the Smooze.

The difference between Obama and McCain is that had Obama been imprisoned in Hanoi, he wold have admitted everything, signed confessions, gone on national TV and told them the US was wrong and North Viet Nam right, given names of his co-pilot, squadron members and associates, and lied about and ratted on the entire US Navy. He would would not have been in prison all broken up for almost six years. Obama would have been sent back home in six months with no broken bones, facing court marshal and a dishonorable discharge because of what his fellow prisoners would have been obliged to say. An honorable man, Obama is not! Power hungry at any cost, he is.

Don White

10/9/2008 4:12:55 PM