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>Scott Walker, Wisconsin Taxpayers Defeat Unions


We’ve just won a huge victory in Wisconsin!
The GOP Senate simply outsmarted Obama’s bloated public unions.
In a historic vote last night, the Wisconsin Senate approved the most critical part of Governor Scott Walker’s budget repair bill.
By eliminating collective bargaining over benefits, Obama’s bloated public employee unions no longer have absolute power to hold taxpayers hostage.
No longer will Wisconsin’s liberal politicians award lavish pension and health benefit packages to their union cronies in exchange for a mother-load of campaign cash and votes.
What happened?
The Wisconsin Senate requires a quorum to vote on any bill that spends money. This is how the 14 AWOL senators shamefully managed to block a vote on Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill.
So Republicans simply stripped the non-fiscal portion off of the bill. The Senate then voted on it as a stand-alone measure, one that doesn’t spend money!
This is a huge victory not only for Wisconsin, but for all of America.
Robert Reich, who served as President Clinton’s Labor Secretary, admits Wisconsin will reverberate nationwide.
He says: “I wouldn’t be surprised if governors in New Jersey … and also in Indiana and other Midwestern states – where you have Republican governors, who believe they are in the ascendancy – take some courage from all of this.”
Liberals Enraged
No surprise, after disgracing the office they hold, the 14 AWOL senators now say they’ll return to Wisconsin from their Illinois hideout.
And they’re vowing to escalate the fight to a new level.
One of Obama’s allies is Michael Moore, a Hollywood-leftist filmmaker.
He’s calling for a nationwide “student walk-out” on Friday to protest Wisconsin, and is demanding jail time for Scott Walker.
A guest on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” an enraged Moore declared “The rich have committed these crimes and the people will demand your ass is in jail… we have a right to your money!”
Clearly, Michael Moore has gone nuts.
But the fact is this is a battle for the nation.
That’s why Obama’s public union allies are so desperate to strike-back with vengeance.
They’ll do whatever it takes to destroy Scott Walker, and to reverse our huge victory in Wisconsin.
They won’t stop. But neither will the League of American Voters. We’ve got Scott’s back.
Your donations and support to the League of American Voters helped Scott Walker and state legislators stay firm and win this battle.
But we need to continue in our efforts to not only support Scott Walker, but prepare for other state battles.
Please help us Donate Here Now.
Let me warn you, over the next 48 hours, it’s going to get ugly.
We expect a plague of Democrat lawsuits, more mob chaos, and well-funded recall campaigns against GOP senators., one of Obama’s far-left allies, is trying to raise $500,000 in twenty-four hours.
Their goal? “To make sure that these senators pay a heavy price… We can’t let them get away with this.”
In fact, they’re already collecting signatures to recall these courageous senators who stood with Gov. Scott Walker.
That’s why it’s so urgent for the League to continue its highly-effective campaign to expose Obama’s bloated public unions.
And we need to take our campaign to other states too, like Ohio, Indiana, and New Jersey.
Whenever a bold governor like Scott Walker takes a stand for freedom, the League must be there to support him.

>Support Scott Walker’s Bid To End Fraud In Wisconsin’s Schools


An Urgent Message from Dick Morris and Our Sponsor the League of American Voters
Dear Reader:
Gov. Scott Walker is close to the finish line and victory — but the battle is not over.
Despite a solid vote of 51-17 in the Wisconsin state assembly to defeat the bloated public employee unions, the state Senate can’t vote because Democrats remain in hiding.
And Gov. Walker has warned of over 12, 000 layoffs of state workers if the the Senate does not pass his bill.
Clearly this week is showdown week!
But Gov. Walker is under fierce attack, and the big unions and President Obama’s leftwing allies are pouring millions — I mean millions! — into Wisconsin to force Gov. Walker and the state Senate to cave.
There are some indications these leftwing efforts are paying off.
Here’s what the New York Times reported Saturday: “Some Republican leaders in other states have moderated their talk against state employee unions in recent days.”
This is why the League of American Voters efforts are so critical.
This is a battle of public opinion that will affect the final vote in the Wisconsin Senate.
The League is already at the forefront in Wisconsin exposing the lies of the public employee unions.
The League of American Voters is the lead group defending and supporting Gov. Scott Walker.
So, far the League has unleashed a barrage of radio ads across the state of Wisconsin demanding that legislators stand with Gov. Walker — and reminding the public that taxpayers can’t afford the big salaries and lavish pension benefits of public employees.
And just this weekend, the League is making a telephone call to hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin citizens revealing that Gov. Walker’s plan will dramatically improve education standards, by allowing incompetent teachers to be fired, giving good teachers merit pay and allowing parents the right to school choice.
For the big unions this is Armageddon!
If they lose in once liberal Wisconsin, they can be defeated in almost every state in the union. And they know this!
This is why I am urging you to support the League’s Wisconsin and national efforts to expose the big unions and defend Gov. Walker.
The League urgently needs your financial support to continue its campaign this week.
Please donate whatever you can — Go Here Now.

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>Wisconsin Unions Chose The Wrong Governor To Fight With


February 23, 2011
MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Associated Press is reporting that they received a press release from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Tuesday, warning that state employees could start receiving layoff notices as early as next week if a bill eliminating collective bargaining rights isn’t passed soon.
“Walker said Tuesday in a statement to The Associated Press that the layoffs wouldn’t take effect immediately. He didn’t say which workers would be targeted.”
In his statement to the AP, Walker said, “Hopefully we don’t get to that point.” What he means is that if the feckless Democrats who are hiding out in Illinois would return to Wisconsin to participate in voting on the bill he proposed, then we could get on with the cuts he proposes – which are minor ones adding some $30 million to his state’s treasury.
Senate Democrats walked out – I should say ran away in the middle of the night – last week rather than vote on Walker’s bill that would force public workers to pay more for their benefits. He also wants to eliminate collective bargaining for nearly all workers except over issues of salary, and they would be limited to negotiating only up to increases in the consumer price index.
Now that we’re beyond the AP hype for unions, lets get down to the real facts. Scott Walker, like most governors of states across the nation, is faced with an unbalanced budget unless he reduces expenses. He proposed that the freeloading teachers should bear a small portion of their own pension and health expenses. You see, right now these moochers – who, by the way, are some of the worst teachers in the world. Two thirds of Wisconsin’s eighth graders lack acceptable reading skills, according to tests – pay nothing for their health care insurance and nothing for their lavish pensions.
Governor Scott Walker made a reasonable request. It was that teachers start paying about six percent of their own pensions and twelve percent of their health care costs. Wow, what a small amount to require them to pay. Yet they are fighting that request.
What is harder for them to swallow, or for unions to accept, is a reduced role. Now, when the bill passes, unions will be able to bargain for wages only, not for benefits, but their demands must be no more than consumer cost index inflation increases for the year. That could be one or two percent last year.
But when the coming inflation on commodities hits us hard, that could be twenty-percent-per year. Most of you, my readers, don’t believe in rampant inflation in America. But mark my words, it’s coming. In fact it’s already here. I warn you – when gas starts costing Americans five dollars a gallon our monthly food bill will be so high many Americans will starve. Harsh words to swallow, right?
That is unless they have a six-month or a year’s supply of food, clothing, and money.
Is Scott Walker a mass murderer? No!
Teachers unions mounted a massive protest, printing signs that likened Walker to Stalin and Hitler, who exterminated millions sixty-five years ago in Russia and Germany and throughout Europe. Six million Jews were killed by the Nazis, for example; Stalin killed thirty million. Now, come on folks, is Scott Walker like that? Of course not. The Unions have become the biggest liars and creators of ill will in the history of mankind. They would paint this man as an enemy. When actually history is proving he is the best thing that happened to Wisconsin.
Scott Walker was elected to balance the budget. That is why Rassmussen Polls show he has wide support for his bill. He actually wants to solve a problem, a big problem. If there is no money in the tills, Walker said he would start laying off employees. Wouldn’t you?
Democrats are lined up solidly with those union liars, protestors, and teachers and school administrators who have been mooching off public tax money. How many private entrepreneurs do you know who have someone else pay for the health and pension costs? None.
Where are your priorities Democrats?
Democrat lawmakers would rather run away to Illinois and hide out in a motel in support of their source of campaign donations, Unions, than to serve the people who put them in office, the voters of Wisconsin. This happened in Texas and see where it got the Democrats. At that time they were in the majority in the legislature. Now they are a minority party in Texas..
Unions have chosen unwisely where to take a stand. It’s a stupid Waterloo for the unions to pick. In Ohio and Wisconsin, and in states all over the country, this is a battle that they cannot win. It will result in the downgrading of unions and all because they took the wrong tact.  No one supports the teachers’ cause anymore except families of the teachers. All thanks to some poor choices of the unions led by Richard Trumpka of the AFL-CIO. I was forced to belong to that union when I was a newsman for the Associated Press.
Unions have lost their usefulness. All Walker wants to do is reduce union power. I think as we balance what needs to be done in America and what the greedy union bosses want, we all want what Walker wants. He wants to balance his budget. States can’t borrow money like our inept Federal Government has done. If they don’t balance the budget they may have to declare bankruptcy. That’s the last resort, not the first thing Scott Walker wants to do.

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>Richard Cohen Got It Right In His Union Obesity Op Ed

>I don’t usually reprint in its entirety an op-ed from the Washington Post. But in this case I am because I believe for a change one of its standard liberal op-ed writers, Reichard Cohen did a bang up job of analyzing what’s going on in Wisconsin.

When you have liberals criticizing the unions in Wisconsin, you have a different ball game. Unions are wrong, Governor Walker is right in this one. And as a result, unions will become weaker – not necessarily due to anything Scott Walker is doing, but because how prideful and, yes let’s say it – richly obese – the unions and Wisconsin’s school teachers have become.

I wrote an article yesterday about this in  Go there.

I said “Right now teachers in Wisconsin have pensions and health care insurance paid for entirely by the taxpayers. Walker is only asking that they pay for 5.8 percent of their own pension plan and 12.8 percent for their health plan. What on earth is going on?”

If you could get someone else to pay 94 percent of your pension for the rest of your life, you’d be singing love songs to everyone and jumping up and down with joy. So would I. Read Cohen. I’m usually criticizing him and his liberal ideas. Not on this one:
Richard CohenGovernment pensions, an obesity epidemicGovernment workers, on our dime, have run off with pensions they do not deserve.

>Union Thugs Threaten To Hijack American Freedom In Wisconsin, Tennessee, Idaho… Ohio…. Where Will It Stop?

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Published on on February 18, 2011

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Democracy is on the line in the streets of Madison, Wisconsin.  Will the popularly elected state legislature and governor (both now Republican for the first time in forever) get to run the state or will the union thugocracy, now crowding the streets, prevail?
The spectacle of Democratic legislators hiding out in the woods to avoid creating a quorum in their legislatures illustrates, more profoundly than anything else ever could, the extent to which we have lost control of our destiny and government to the public employee unions.
The teachers unions, the Service Employees, and AFSME have hijacked state government and are now holding them for ransom.
We are all citizens of Wisconsin now!  Our freedom is on the line.  
At last some real leaders are emerging within the Republican Party – the newly elected governors!  Governors Chris Christie (NJ), Mitch Daniels (Ind), Scott Walker (Wisc) John Kasich (Ohio), Jim Corbett (Pa), Jan Brewer (Ariz), and Butch Otter (Idaho) are showing America how it is done.
The union mobs have taken to the streets in Wisconsin to protest hotly against having to pay 12.6% of their health insurance (the private sector average is 20%) and 5.8% of their pensions (private sector average is 7.5%).  They want us to subsidize them so they can get to be richer than we are!  Upward redistribution of income!
Governor Scott Walker, the courageous, young Republican just elected in Wisconsin also wants to limit teachers union bargaining to wages and benefits, but to leave work rules in the hands of school administrators.  His ideas are vital to good schools but outrageous to the entrenched defenders of bad education in the teachers unions.
The most innovative governor in America – and also a likely GOP contender for president – is Bush’s former OMB director Mitch Daniels.  He is pushing forward with an exciting bill for statewide choice in schools, limits on teacher collective bargaining, caps on salary increases, and tenure reform.  He has already pioneered using Health Savings Accounts to reduce health insurance costs – voluntarily – for state workers.    

In Tennessee, with no noticeable leadership from the Republican governor Bill Haslam, the GOP state legislature is taking matters into its own hands.  Senate Education Committee Chairwoman Dolores Gresham and Representative Bill Dunn have taken the lead in pushing legislation to prohibit collective bargaining with teachers unions entirely.  They are also planning moves to expand school choice.  Their landmark bill has just been reported out of the Senate Committee and, with Republican majorities in both houses, is likely to become law.
In Idaho, a gutsy Education Commissioner (elected) Tom Luna had his car vandalized and his family got death threats for trying to expand the pool of teachers to include all college graduates so as not to be limited to the indoctrinated graduates of education schools.
In Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, bills to advance school choice and reform schools are advancing.
And then there are the cowards – Governor Rick Scott of Florida who electrified the state with his bold proposal for education vouchers for statewide school choice only to shelve the bill and abandon it when the going got tough.  He was aided and abetted by State Senator Stephen Wise (R-Jacksonville) who acted like a RINO by surrendering to the unions and letting the voucher proposal die in his education committee.
But there are enough courageous and true conservatives out there to move the cause forward…rapidly!